Monday, March 28, 2011

What is Blogger in Draft?

Sometimes when I click on my Blogger Dashboard it says make Blogger in Draft your homepage or something along them lines. On my IGoogle homepage I have Blogger on it and it keeps saying loading and it show a draft screen but I can't use it. Right now I use Blogger on a separate tab pinned to my computer taskbar. But it always opens to my page with my profile settings and blogs I follow. Can you see how easy I get confused. Believe you me it doesn't take much.

Sometime when I watch Webinars or listen to blogger Radio I accidentally turn them off and then have to get back on. I have no idea how I manage to do it but it usually happens when I'm trying to do something in my blog. Wish I could put Webinars on one tab and Radio on one Tab. Haven't figured what podcasts are but I see listen at top of DearMyrtle and Legacy News and others where you can listen to what they are saying. Same with youtube. I would like to be able to watch some of broadcasts like Who Do You Think You Are and some of Rootech ones and others while I'm working on something else.

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