A Little Bit About Me

I'm no one special. Just a person who loves people, nature, and our environment. I enjoy history, genealogy, and love learning about things. Family is one of the most important things to me.

When it comes to technology, I get lost very easy. I'm the type of person who needs good pictures along with good clearly written instructions. I have no ideas how many times I have had to do something over because I missed one little thing, or I didn't understand what something was doing.

I am married. I have 2 grown boys and 1 step-son and 3 step-daughters from a previous marriage. Some grand kids and great grand kids. I have one sister and I'm not sure how many half brothers and sisters. My sister and I were raised by my Step-Dad. I hold nothing against my biological father just wish I knew more about him.

I was raised in Lapeer, Lapeer County, Michigan. In 1970 I moved to Millington, Tuscola County, Michigan, where I met my first husband. In 1972 we moved to Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania, where my oldest son was born. In 1973 we moved to Listenburg, Somerset County, Pennsylvania then down the road a few miles to Confluence, to an old coalmine that was no longer in use and the building there had been turned into a house. On September 6,  1973 my husband was killed in a single car accident when he went over an embankment coming back from a bar. I moved back across the mountain back into the house we had lived in when we first moved down to PA until I got situated and then moved back home to my parents house in Lapeer in October of 1973. In November my Step-Dad went into the hospital and was there until he died March 1, 1974 only coming home for 1 night.

I worked different places trying to provide a home for my kids. In 1979 I moved up to South Branch, Michigan to help take care of my uncle. Then we moved to Atlanta, Montmorency County, Michigan and that is where I met my present hubby. We had a son in April, 1981 and he died of SIDS in Jan, 1982. We married in Nov, 1982. We lived in Atlanta for a while, then moved to Hillman, Michigan to a farm. We had goats, chickens, ducks, geese and a pig. Boy do I miss that farm. I had a pretty good garden there. We had a wood cookstove there that we had bought from a friend. Did alot of cooking on that stove. Then in 1986 we moved to a log cabin in Hillman. Then in June of 1987 we moved down to Mason County, Michigan. We've lived in several places down here and Labor Day weekend of 1997 we moved to where we are now. Good Old Fountain, Mason County, Michigan. When we first moved here we lived in the mobile home that was here. In 2004, we finally moved into the house that the previous owner had bought and moved here from Hamlin Lake. We are slowly remodeling. Before we moved in my hubby tore all the old log siding off and put on vinyl siding. Last year a friend of ours gave us some windows but we need to do a little work on them.

One of these days maybe I will be able to have a garden again. This is all sand and don't grow anything very well.

We have almost always had pets. You may hear me speaking of Maggie. She's our fat taco dog. She goes just about everywhere with my hubby.

We have always worked hard, been poor and don't expect things to change much. My husband is going to college for welding and is working at a factory on 3rd shift in Ludington, Michigan. He's a pretty much Republican, me I try to vote for the person I think is best for the job. I hate primary elections because you have to vote one party. I dislike alot of things that are happening in our country. I do speak out about things on occasion. We are Lutherans, but don't attend a church. I believe strongly in the Bible and it's teachings. My husband is strongly interested in outer space, and would love to be able to fly in any kind of aircraft. Me not so much. I like to look up at the sky, feet on the ground.

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  1. We used to live in Lake County Michigan and the soil was pure sand when we started. My husband would bring a pickup truck load of aged cow or horse manure from local sorces, and we dug it in. We were there 20 years but it didn't take that long for the garden to be productive. We ended up with earthworms galore and black dirt. We also used some rabbit manure when we kept rabbits. I say all that to say, don't wait, get some manure and start your garden. I do miss that garden.


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