Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tribute to Ann Frank from youtube

This is my first experience of adding videos. I remember as a kid every year that "The Diary of Ann Frank" would come on and we would be glued to the TV.

There is other ones available. I just typed in Tribute to Ann Frank on youtube google search.

Monday, March 28, 2011

What is Blogger in Draft?

Sometimes when I click on my Blogger Dashboard it says make Blogger in Draft your homepage or something along them lines. On my IGoogle homepage I have Blogger on it and it keeps saying loading and it show a draft screen but I can't use it. Right now I use Blogger on a separate tab pinned to my computer taskbar. But it always opens to my page with my profile settings and blogs I follow. Can you see how easy I get confused. Believe you me it doesn't take much.

Sometime when I watch Webinars or listen to blogger Radio I accidentally turn them off and then have to get back on. I have no idea how I manage to do it but it usually happens when I'm trying to do something in my blog. Wish I could put Webinars on one tab and Radio on one Tab. Haven't figured what podcasts are but I see listen at top of DearMyrtle and Legacy News and others where you can listen to what they are saying. Same with youtube. I would like to be able to watch some of broadcasts like Who Do You Think You Are and some of Rootech ones and others while I'm working on something else.

Trying to get ORGANIZED Oh My!!! Dropbox Oh Dear!!!

I spend most of yesterday trying to get myself, getting more of my pictures linked back up to my Legacy family members, My hard drive, and trying to figure out how to put things in Dropbox.

I clicked on the Dropbox icon on my computer all I seen was Photos and Public and a PDF for using dropbox. So I clicked on the PDF first read it. Apparently I need alot more pictures with good step by step instructions.
Adding files to your Dropbox
You've found your Dropbox folder, and you're ready to start using it. Let's move a file to your Dropbox folder.
Step 1: Drag and drop a file into your Dropbox.
Step 2: The blue icon means your file is syncing with Dropbox.

That's it! The green icon means that your file has finished syncing and is now available from your other computers and the website. Now that Dropbox is watching your file, any changes you make will sync instantly.

What do I do now?
There are three ways to interact with the Dropbox installation on your computer:
The Dropbox Folder

When you install the Dropbox application, Dropbox creates a Dropbox folder on your hard drive. In fact, it you're reading this guide, then you probably already found your Dropbox folder!

(Okay I must be in the right place, because that's where I'm reading the guide.

Now guide says Your Dropbox folder is just like any other folder on your hard drive. When you move a file to your Dropbox folder, you are also moving your file to your Dropbox folders on the web and your other computers. You don't need to do any manual copying or uploading; Dropbox takes care of all of that for you!

The green circle and check mean Dropbox is fully synced
The blue circle and arrows mean Dropbox is currently syncing and files are uploading/downloading.
The red circle with an "x" means Dropbox is unable to sync. Usually, this is because your storage quota is full (can't upload), your hard drive is full (can't download), or you are experiencing connection problems (no internet).

That all seemed pretty clear. But I read on I like to finish reading instructions all the way thru,

The Dropbox Contextual Menu

When you Right-Click (I have Windows) a file or folder in your Dropbox, you'll see a menu. This is called a contextual menu. The Dropbox desktop application installs a sub-menu there that allows you fast access to some of Dropbox's best features.
Share a folder
View Previous Versions
Browse File on Dropbox Websit
Copy Public Link

The Dropbox System Tray/Menu bar icon

The Dropbox system tray or menu bar icon is where you can check the current syncing status and change your Dropbox settings.

The same green, blue, and red icons that appear over the files and folders in your Dropbox also appear over the system tray icon to alert you to Dropbox's overall syncing status.

You can get more detailed information when you right-click on the Dropbox icon from the system tray or menu bar lining the bottom of the screen. The resulting pull-down menu allows you to do such things as:

Access your Dropbox folder, the Dropbox website, or the Dropbox help center.
See which files were recently changed.
View an estimate of how long it will take your Dropbox folder to fully sync
Change your Dropbox preferences including your Dropbox folder location, Dropbox account, and network settings.

Then it goes into Frequently Asked Questions which I read over.

I right clicked on Dropbox and this is what I got
Include in Library    >  Documents
                                      Create New Library
Open Folder Location
Open Command Prompt Here
Open in New Window
Open as Notebook in OneNote
Dropbox                    > Browse on Dropbox Website
Scan for Viruses
Restore Previous Versions
Send To                     > Compressed (Zipped) Folder
                                      Desktop (Create Shortcut)
                                      Fax Recipient
                                      Mail Recipient
                                      DVD RW Drive (F:)
                                      USB Disk (G:)
                                       My Passport (I:)
Copy To Folder...
Move To Folder...

Now when I click on Dropbox Folder This is What I see
Address Bar with Dropbox Folder icon> Owner>Dropbox>        Then there's the Search Dropbox
File  Edit View  Tools  Help
Organize  Include in Library  Share With     Burn    New Folder   Change view icon  Show previous view pane and Help
On Left side             Selection bar     On Right Side   Name       Date Modified            Type

Favorites                                              Blue Circle      Legacy     3/26/2011 ll:25 PM     File Folder
                                                            Blue & Green Circles This has my whole Legacy program in it
Desktop                                               Green Circle    Photos      3/27/2011  1:47 PM    File Folder
                                                            Green Circles    My Photo Album 3/27/2011 1:56 Pm File Folder
                                                             Green Circles    Sample Album    3/4/2011 2:11Pm File Dolder
Recent Places                                      Green Circle    Public       3/27/2011  1:41 PM    File Folder
Downloads                                        Green Circle Getting Started 3/4/2011 1:58 PM Adobe Acrobat D



  Local Disk (C:)
  Recovery (D:)
  HP_Tools (E:)
  USB Disk (G:)
  CD Drive (H:) WD Smartware
  My Passport (I:)


Filed Folder 4 items State: Shared

Anyways when I drap and drop a file into Dropbox it took it away from my picture library. I had no intentions of putting my whole Legacy program in dropbox but coughed and it started going there in a matter of seconds. Bad News. My Legacy program on my computer was unusable. I was devastated. I finally hit the Install Legacy 7 but remember I'm still in my dropbox. Well that installed back on my computer but all my families, information, pictures showed 0. Oh Crap!!! now what do I do. So I went back to dropbox and copied the my families data files back in. Ok now my families are showing up no pictures. Ok back to dropbox and copied Photos, documents, videos Geo database back to Legacy on my computer. It seems to be working OK just seems like it takes longer to load up.

Let me tell you I was on the verge of breaking down and crying. I had worked on my genealogy files for a long time off and on and had throwed all my scraps of paper away that I had notes on. So I really hope I have it all fixed.

But now I'm leary about drop my pictures, documents etc into dropbox because I don't want them disappearing from where I'm used to looking for them.

I signed up for Thomas's Webinar in April for Dropbox. I rewatched the Webinar he had the other day on backing up. Still want to go back and reread DearMyrtle's on Dropbox. I need step by babystep with pictures to look at while I'm doing it. I'm so dense at times. Am I missing a step in doing this?

Then I have this little problem with my system backing up to my Passport. I keep getting messages not enough space. But I don't know how to fix it. Afraid to remove anything. I don't know how to make a restore disk or backup Disks on DVD.

Heck I still haven't figured out how to get the pictures off my phone to my computer.

The more new technology that comes out the loster I get. Easy as 1, 2, 3. Yeah Right. Not for this little old lady.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finding relationship to Kit (Christopher Houston) Carson

Clarabell Jane Carson was born September 1, 1861 believe to be in Bonham, Fannin, Texas USA. I have not proved this yet as where she was born. I have not found a record of birth as of yet, but have not been researching her for a while. I believe her father is William Green Carson and her mother Russella Isobella (Duston or Dustin).

William Green Carson born January 11, 1830 in Kentucky to John and Eleanor (Cox) Carson. William died Oct 1 1898.
John Carson born about 1806 in Kentucky to Lindsay and unknown Carson. Died July 26, 1835. Married in 1825 in Pulaski, Kentucky to Eleanor Cox born about 1807 in England whose father was John Cox.
The only information I have at the present is that Lindsay Carson was born about 1786 in Kentucky. Have not proved any of this information yet.

Kit (Christopher Houston) Carson was born Dec 24, 1809 in Madison County, Kentucky to Lindsey Carson who was born in 1754 and Rebecca Robinson. Different Lindsey Carson but did he have a brother or Uncle or Cousin that also had a son named Lindsey. This is what I need to discover.

Just another one of our family connections that I need to find. I have alot of tracking and documenting to do but that's part of the fun.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting ready to listen to GeneaBloggers Radio at 9pm

I'm getting ready to listen to Thomas and all the wonderful speakers tonight. Hubby has to leave for work while broadcast is going on so I'll miss a few minutes.

Have been trying all day to figure out how to put stumbleupon on my page down where you share it follwed the instructions and it put it on my page above printfriendly button. That's not where I want it and I can't find where to put it so it shows up by gmail, facebook, twitter buttons. Oh well I'll do without it for now.

Haven't gotten to any fixing on Legacy Family Tree done. So Pictures are still not all linked up right. Maybe tomorrow.

Also why trying to figure out why my blog on my I Google page just keeps saying loading but never loads and I can't use it from homepage. Maybe because I have it pinned to my taskbar. I don't know. All this technology is so confusing to me.

It's just been one of those unproductive days. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Was on facebook earlier today and posting with an old friend from up in Atlanta, Michigan. He posts alot of Native American pictures. Really nice.

Somehow my oldest boy's relation goes back to the famous Kit Carson. Haven't been able to link them up yet. One of his great grandma's was Clarabelle Jane Carson. Her father was William Green Carson. She married Jesse O. Clampitt. His middle name escapes me right now. I think it's Orton but might be Orlo. My oldest boy is named Jesse after him and his middle name is Arnold after his own father Arnold Albert Clampitt.

I need to make a correction about Clarabell Jane Carson's spouse here. She married William Franklin Clampitt Jr. on January 2, 1878 in Hamilton, Caldwell, Missouri USA.
I'm trying to figure out my favorite sweet for 52 weeks of Personal Genealogy. I had so many as a kid though we didn't have sweets often. Not like todays kids.

Well gotta get ready for the GeneaBloggers Radio program. This will be my second one I've listened to.

Have a Great evening. Stay warm.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Family Bible possibly of Mary Murphy McGahey

I have a Catholic Family Bible that my Grandpa Arnold M. Pember had in his possession. It is very large and has 2 metal straps that hook to the front cover. Very beautiful bible with gorgeous prints inside. I have not tried to take a picture of this Bible yet.

He stamped his name in different locations in the Bible and on the Presentation page he has stamped in once spot. It appears that someone has covered all the hand writing that was on this page with something like ink correction fluid or something.

This Bible was published by The National Publishing Co
Philadelphia, Pa.; Chicago, Ill.; St. Louis, Mo.; and Atlanta, GA.

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year, 1880, by J. R. Jones, In the Office of The Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year, 1882, by J. R. Jones, In the Office of The Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

on the Marriages is entered
                                                                 Toronto July 18th 1886 (This looked like1882 underneath)
Mary Murphy to John P. McGahey at St Michaels Place Toronto Ont By the Rev. Father Laurant (I am not sure if I have it spelled correctly, some of the writing is pretty tight together)

Mary Murphy           St Louis ( there is other writing underneath but can't make it out)
Michael Murphy          "
Wm Murphy                "
James Murphy          Newmarket (I think)   Jany? or May (Unsure which it definitely has a y) 1st 1859
Mary Murphy              "                                Aug 29th 1862
Edward Murphy           "                               Sept 21st 1864
Thos Murphy               "                                                1866
Joseph Murphy            "                                Mar 10th 1868 (this had been 20th but was corrected)
Roy Edward McGahey born June 17th 1888 at 902 Litchfield St Bay City Died Sept 1888
Clara Mary McGahey born Saturday March 19th 1892

Died at Newmarket Oct 1st 1881 aged 70 Thos Murphy born in Killarney? Ireland
Catherine Boa widow of the late Thos Murphy died in Newmarket Sept 23rd 1888 aged 65. Born in Dungarven? Ireland.
Children of the above Died in St Louis about 1860.
Mary Murphy aged 7 Thos Murphy aged 8 Michael Murphy aged 5
and at Newmarket Wm Murphy aged 5
James Murphy of Detroit Wed July 26th, 1916
Edward Murphy at Detroit Sun Feb 25th, 1923


James Murphy died at Detroit July 26th 1916 Wed. Buried Friday 28th at St Patrick's Cemetery Bay City 59 yrs
Edward Murphy died Sun evening at 9 oclock Feb 25th 1923 at St. Joseph's hospital Detroit. Buried Saturday March 3d at St Patrick's Cemetery Bay City age 59.
Mary McGahey, died at 12.05 Sunday morning Oct 30th 1927. Buried Nov 2nd age 65 yrs
John McGahey died Jan 11th 1928
Joseph Murphy died June 8th 1931 aged 64 yrs.

My Grandpa Pember always said some of his family came from Ireland and he was always hoping to make it there. I have not been able to make this connection to him yet. He didn't know alot about his family. Someday I hope to get his family found. But more on him later.

Getting ready to listen to GeneaWebinar Backing Up Your Genealogy Data

This should be great hope I don't internet disconnection problems with this storm.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2010 United States Census Data for Michigan

I have been busy reading blogs I follow

I have been reading alot of blogs today. Some of them have so much history in them. I hope people will read them and appreciate what has been recorded. I really like to read about people and places and I am always on the lookout for a name I maybe looking for that might belong to one of my family lines.

We are supposed to be in for a nasty storm Tuesday evening and Wednesday. Our area is supposed to get rain, freezing rain and then possible snow. Up Northwards of us they are supposed to get a mess of snow. Definitely not looking forward to that. At least I don't have to drive in it, but my hubby does. He'll probably run into after he gets out of College on his way to work in Ludington and then on the way home in the morning. He works 3rd shift at White Hall Industries in Ludington, Michigan and is going to West Shore College. The college is not on a main road, although it is well traveled. I just have to pray he makes it to his destinations safely.

Well I didn't get much work done on tweaking my blog tonight. I was to busy reading the interesting blogs. Maybe tomorrow I'll get more done.

Well that's it for tonight. Gotta fill the stove and get ready for bed. Good Night, Sweet Dreams!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

1911 Triangle Shirt Factory Fire

The CBS Sunday Morning show this morning aired this piece which I watched. So much history here in this broadcast just thought I would share it with everyone.
1911 Triangle Shirt Factory Fire

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just added BlogTalkRadio

Wasn't sure which one I should put in soooo I put the button and Multi-player in. I was actually listen to the last one. It was pretty interesting.

I added the search engine to my site. That seems pretty good. Only was on there for a few minutes.

Haven't got my Dropbox all setup yet to do my backups. Still need to erase my passport drive and put my Legacy Family Tree data, pictures, etc. on it. I must quit procrastinating and get it done.

Had to rearrange where I had things plugged into my computer so I could use the USB extension on my Cradlepoint router to plug my Alltel USB internet card into it. Sure wish that they made all the USB devices the same size and that the computer manufacturers would put a little more space between ports. So far today I have not lost cradlepoint. Hope I just didn't jinx myself!!!!

I got a little indexing last night. First time I did any since they started to move to bigger computers, etc. I was able to do it with no problems. I only downloaded 1 batch to try it. Haven't run into any known relatives while indexing yet. But I do enjoy doing it plus it helps get more of it out there for someone else to use.

There is quite a bit of difference between indexing for FamilySearch and FamilySearch lets me put the highlights on the document I am indexing so I know I'm in right spot but I can't do that in or if I can haven't figured it out.

I just wish that when we are searching we could see all the actual documents. Last night while working on my Legacy Family Tree trying to see how Catherine Geddes might be related to Jannis Haas I did a search on for Geddes and Haas names in Canada Census records in Egremont. No images available and it doesn't list who was in household for most of the census records, doesn't give Family Id or Household ID or line Reference. Only information for that person. So I am having a hard time with relationship. I did find a family of Gedis that had a Catherine. Eventually maybe I will find the relationship. I was also looking in Ontario records for births, marriages, census along with canada births, marriages, etc. But then was getting to tired to concentrate.

Still looking for more information on my Grandpa Pember's family. His dad was married several times. My Grandpa's mother was Christina Sauer or Sauers and his father was Matelon James Pember. Can't find a marriage record for them or a birth record for Matelon or my Grandpa Arnold Matelon Pember. My mom told me that someone had told my Grandpa that his mother died shortly after giving birth to him and that he had been named Joseph I think she said and his Dad changed his name to Arnold and took him from the hospital. Eventually with all the new records going in all the time maybe I will finally find documents for them. My search continues.

Oh well enough for now. Must get busy doing something. I have a bunch of pictures to put in album that keeps staring at me. Been trying to organize them by person when possible.

Looks like fog is rolling in.

Back at a later time. Have a great evening everyone.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Blog is still under construction

I will be adding new labels (tags) or whatever you want to call them. Along with trying to figure out the best way to get it up and running the way I want. So please just be patient.

One thing I have found quite amazing is the difference in times when I publish from my blog and when it gets out to Twitter, Facebook and Networkedblogs.

I would like to thank Susan for her wonderful comment on my post yesterday about Benjamin Frederic Haas. He was like an Angel sent down from Heaven for a short time. He was pretty much a happy little fella. Rarely cried. He was not an early riser and would usually wake up in the morning while his brothers were getting ready for school or for their day, jabber and play for a few minutes, then go back to sleep. Then when he woke up later on he was ready to start his day.

I lost cradlepoint while I was writing my post so everything I just wrote wouldn't save and had to shutdown my system and restart it. This router problem is really starting to upset me. I seem to lose cradlepoint sometime 3 or 4 times a day then other times I don't lose it at all. This time I had to log back into cradlepoint when it finally came up and I got a dns infected message that's why I had to shut down and restart. One of these days I'll get everything working fine.

Oh well, that's enough for now. I need to get a few things done and hope to get some more work done on my Legacy Family Tree.

My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Japan, all of the people there, Our Military, and all the people in the world.

Back later tonight or tomorrow. Never know with me!

Benjamin Frederic Haas My Story

Benjamin was only with us for only a short time. But what a joy he was to everyone that knew him.

I was born April 17, 1981 on Good Friday at the Lewiston Clinic, in Lewiston, Montmorency County, Michigan. My brothers, Jesse and David Clampitt, waited in the waiting room while my Dad was in the delivery room with mom waiting for my arrival. A while after I was born My Dad took my brothers to Grandpa and Grandma Herricks in the truck and Grandma Bea and My Dad came back to get mom and I in Grandma Bea's car.

That was a great weekend. Most of the family came up to my Grandpa Jack and Bea Herricks house for Easter. Some were there when Grandma Bea, My Dad Walter Haas, My Mom Sharon Clampitt got there. The rest of the family came up on Saturday.

When we got to Grandma and Grandpa Herricks, Grandma Bea went in ahead of us and said "Look what the Easter Bunny brought!"

My Cousin Canda Hickey is looking up at Grandma Bea holding me!!!

April 17, 1981 at Grandma Bea and Grandpa Jack Herricks in Atlanta, Montmorency County, Michigan. They lived way back in the woods.

Mom and I bonding in Grandma Bea's bed. She said she don't give her bed up but she would make an exception.
Been a busy day! Thanks Aunt Eve!!!.

Time for bed. Grandma Bea cleaned out one of dresser drawers and made me a nice comfy bed.
Busy, busy the next two days!!!

On Saturday Aunt Bonnie has to take mom and me into Gaylord to the hospital and have our blood checked and me checked out by hospital just to make sure everything is A OKAY!!! Mom has RH Neg Blood and has to get her shot. Then we have to stop back at our house on Airport Rd in Atlanta and get me some clothes and mom has to make her salad for Sunday Dinner.

Here's my Dad Walter Daniel Haas, Mom Sharon Clampitt and little ol' me, Benjamin Frederic Haas.
My brothers David Michael Clampitt and Jesse Arnold Clampitt, Jesse is holding me.

Mom is over in chair, Aunt Bonnie Haas is holding me, my cousins Heather Herrick, Theresa McGrath, and Danny Hickey.

This Easter Bunny is bigger than me, but he's just fine to lean on.

Let's see we have Aunt Eve's Elbow, Aunt Theresa Herrick and Aunt Kathy McGrath are out in the kitchen oh and there's ChiChi (Aunt Bonnie's dog), Grandma Bea holding me, I think that's Theresa McGrath behind Grandma Bea, then Canda Hickey with fingers in her mouth, and Kimberly McGrath with her eyes shut.
Dad has his arm around mom, and Aunt Evelyn Hickey is holding me.

Here's Kimberly McGrath in back of Theresa McGrath, Uncle Clement McGrath holding me and Canda Hickey.
A group shot of a bunch of my cousins- Back Row- left to right - Danny Hickey, Kimberly McGrath, Michelle Haas, Clement McGrath holding me, Middle Row -left to right - Heather Herrick, Theresa McGrath, Jeremy Herrick, Jesse Clampitt, Front Row - left to right - Nicole Herrick, Cortney Herrick, Canda Hickey, and David Clampitt.

While we were living on Airport Rd. Dad and Mom open up Great Northern Baits in Downtown Atlanta, Michigan. They rented the building from Gayle Ferguson. They bought her craft inventory and also added sandwiches and pizza's from Tony's Pizza truck, potato chips and a few candy bars.

It wasn't too long and we moved into Gayle Ferguson's house right next door to the store. I used to try to stay awake to play with my brothers when they got home from school, but always fell asleep just a little bit before they got home. They used to argue over me and did alot with me.

Grandma Bea one night on her way to Bingo stopped and bought a candy bar and fed it to me. It sure was good but I was a mess. Sorry no pictures available. She said "I've waited a long time to do that", as she laughed on her way out the door.

Uncle George Haas used to stop in quite frequently and have lunch. He would walk back and forth in front of me as he was eating, I would open my mouth waiting for a bite, but he never gave me any. I couldn't eat that kind of food yet.

I preferred food from the table not baby food, although the fruit and desserts were pretty good and I liked the cereals especially if mom mixed fruit in with it. In the following 2 pictures Aunt Theresa Herrick is feeding me baby food. It was ok as long as it was the fruits and dessert but the vegetables Yuck! I would gag. She tried tricking me a couple of times but it didn't matter. Give me Tators and vegetable all mashed up and I was a happy camper.

It ain't gonna work trying to sneak those jar veggies in.
These next few pictures are the last pictures we have and they were taken either around Thanksgiving time (because we celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and deer season all at the same time) or Christmas of 1981.

On Jan 19, 1982 Our Lord and Savior called me home. I died peacefully in my sleep of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

I was buried in the spring when the ground had thawed in the cemetery on M-32 in Atlanta, Montmorency County, Michigan.

I have since been enjoying the reunion with some of family and friends. My Grandma Bea, My Grandpa Jack, My Great Mammy Gibbs, My Great Grandpa Pember, and recently My Aunt Sherry, just to mention a few. We are having a great time up here. I'm running thru the wildflowers having a grand time enjoying the company of friends, family and Our Lord.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Now I want to remove Navbar

Well I got my Printfriendly setup I think. I haven't tried it.
Now I can't get back to design templates to go to advanced to click css to remove the NavBar that goes to next blogs. I get that option not available in my template. Will have to work on this later. I can't remember how I did it before.

Oh well I guess I'll tackle that another time.

Adding PrintFriendly

I had a crash happen and window shut down and when I got back on I was at Blogger window to set up a blog. From here I was able to get the template designer, then I signed into my google account and was able to get back to my blog.

Well I finally got the template designer to work, but my Printfriendly button disappeared. So now I have to go back and install it again. Drats. I hate when things like that happen.

Oh well I might get this up and running the way I want it to yet.

I'm going to watch Beginning Blogging 2 with DearMYRTLE again. I'm sure I have missed something along the way.

Well I'm off to watch the webinar again.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Surname: Haas Updated.

Some Haas Family History From Jacob Haas down to US!!!!

I found an Isaac Haas who was married to a Fannie Newman (Neuman). They were both from Pennsylvania but were living in Canada when their children were born. They had several children one of which was a son Allen Haas. I believe that Isaac Haas is my husband's Great Great Grandpa. One of his Grandpa's came from Germany so I am trying to figure out who he is.

If this is the right link to his family Allen (also found spelled Allan) Haas married Anna Marie (other names I have found for her are Anna Mary, Anne, Mary Anne) Klein and they moved to Rust Township, Montmorency County, Michigan, USA where they settled down and raised their family.

Here's what I have so far for the Haas Family Line:

Jacob Haas was born Jul 28, 1802 in Pennsylvania. He is of Swiss descent. He arrived in Waterloo, Canada in 1827 from Deep Run, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He live with Christian Shantz where he rented a shop and made boots and shoes. A few years later he met Nancy Keller, the daughter of John and Magdalena (Shuh) Keller. After they were married they moved on the old "Keller Farm" (her father's farm) and Jacob took up farming and working at his shoemaking. They resided there until about 1848 when they moved on Daniel Burkholder's place, a few miles north east of Bloomingdale. From here they moved near Jacob Gole's farm, one mile north of Breslau, where Jacob died, May 31, 1863 in Waterloo Twp, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Jacob's wife Nancy Keller was born August 2, 1816 (in either Canada or under name Anna Keller in Pennsylvania, USA). After Jacob died she moved in with her son Isaac, who resided in Waterloo. She died December 22, 1865 in Waterloo Twp, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

[The name Anna Keller was in Magdalena's Family Group Sheet Family ID F2073]

 [A notation in Ezra E. Eby's book cited below has this information was given by Mrs. Dennis Devitt of Berlin - Nancy Keller, was born in 1817 ....They had a family of eight children, namely Magdalena who married John Heppler, Lydia who married John Ahruf, Henry who married Miss Derling, Isaac who married Fannie Neuman, Jacob, Mary who married John Wiegand, Nancy and Moses who married Anna Schmidt. please note I have not copied the notation as it was written but only used excerpts, trying not to duplicate information only stating differences.]

 (Ezra E. Eby, The Biographical History of Waterloo Township and other townships (Book - Vol I A Biographical History of Waterloo Township and other townships of the county : being a history of the early settlers and their descendants, mostly all of Pennsylvania Dutch origin..., Ezra E. Eby, (Berlin, Ontario, 1895))

I found the 1851 Canada Census in the Province of Canada West (Ontario), District of Waterloo County, District Number 38, Sub-District of Waterloo, Sub-District Number 360 Page Number 79 Document at Library and Archives Canada Film Number: C_11754 where it shows on:
Line 17 Jacob Haas, Male, Age 49, Estimated Birth Year 1802, Birthplace of Pennsylvania

1. Jacob Haas b. Jul 28, 1802 Pennsylvania, USA d. May 31, 1863 Waterloo Twp, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    Married Nancy Keller b. Aug 2, 1816 Canada d. Dec 22, 1865 Waterloo Twp, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
2-1. Magdalena Haas  b. Jan 30,1833 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada d. Jun 27, 1863 Wilmot Twp,   Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
     Married John Heppler b. May 8, 1834 in Baden, Germany d. Aug 5, 1903
          3-1. Catharine Heppler
          3-2. Nancy Heppler
          3-3. Martin Heppler b. Sep 4, 1862 Wilmot Twp, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
2-2. Abraham Haas
2-3. Lydia Haas
       Married John Orf or Ahruf
2-4. Henry Haas d. Nov 10, 1874 Canada
       Married Mary Garling or Derling
2-5. Isaac Haas b. Nov 1838 Ontario, Canada d. Feb 25, 1896 Egremont, Grey, Ontario, Canada
       Married Fannie Neuman or Newman (Veronica Newman) b. 1838 Pennsylvania, USA
            3-1 Allan (Allen) J Haas b. Sep 1863 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada d. aft Apr 14, 1930 Rust Twp, Montmorency County, Michigan USA
                Married Aug 13, 1885 Alpena, Alpena, Michigan, USA Mary Ann Klein b. Oct 30 1866 Ayton, Ontario, Canada (note other names found by are Ann Maria, Anna, Anna Maria, Anna Marie, Anna Mary, Mary, Mary Anne Klein)
                     4-1. Daniel Isaac Haas b. Jan 13 1887 Rust, Montmorency, Michigan USA d. Dec 25, 1956 Alpena, Alpena, Michigan, USA
                             Married Dec 12 1917 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan USA Effie M Hare b. Sep 6, 1889 Fredrick Twp, Crawford Co, Michigan, USA
                                  5-1. Daniel J Haas b. Jan 1, 1926 Hillman, Montmorency, Michigan USA d. Oct 23, 1983 Flint, Genesee, Michigan, USA
                                          Married Jan 24, 1948 Hillman, Montmorency, Michigan, USA Beatrice Rose Newton b. Jul 13, 1927 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, USA d. Mar 11, 2005 Battle Creek, Michigan, USA
                                              6-1. Bonnie Haas
                                                          7-1. Michelle Haas
                                                                  Married Anthony LaRock Divorced
                                                                        8-1. Anthony J. LaRock
                                                                        8-2. Kyle LaRock
                                                                        8-3. Elizabeth Haas
                                                      Married Donald Jones
                                              6-2. Evelyn Haas
                                                      Married Michael Hickey
                                                            7-1. Daniel W. Hickey
                                                            7-2. Canda Hickey
                                                                        8-1. Cora Rose Hickey
                                                                        8-2. Brea Hickey
                                                                        8-3. Jaya Hickey
                                                                    Married Apr 25, 2009 Joel Martin Lindke
                                              6-3. Walter Daniel Haas
                                                      Married Nov 27, 1982 Sharon Page Evans Clampitt
                                                            7-1. Benjamin Frederic Haas b. Apr 17, 1981 Lewiston, Montmorency, Michigan, USA d. Jan 19, 1982 Atlanta, Montmorency, Michigan, USA
                                              6-4. Barbara Jean Haas b. 1957 d. 1957
                                              6-5. George Haas
                                  5-2. Mary Sybil Haas b. 1922 Atlant, Montmorency, Michigan, USA d.
                                          Married Jun 5, 1948 Hillman, Montmorency, Michigan, USA Wilbur Pershing Manier b. 1919 Atlanta, Montmorency, Michigan, USA
                                               6-1. Joan Manier
                                               6-2. Jean Manier
                                  5-3. Albert Haas
                                          Married Lucille Rotolante
                                                6-1. Susan Haas
                                                6-2. Steven Haas
                                                6-3. Martin Haas
                                                6-4. Debbie Haas
                                                6-5. Kathy Haas
                     4-2. Susanna Haas b. Sep 2, 1888 Rust Twp, Montmorency, Michigan, USA
                             Married Jun 12, 1924 Cheboygan, Cheboygan, Michigan, USA Dougal Macmillan b. 1888 Renfrew, Ontario, Canada
                     4-3. Charles Albert Haas b. Sep 21, 1892 Rust, Montmorency, Michigan USA
                             Married Bet 1928 and 1929 Mae N. Kurtz b. Bet 1896 and 1897, Michigan, USA
                                   5-1. Elayne M Haas b. Aug 31, 1931 Hillman, Montmorency, Michigan, USA d. Jul 30, 2003 Cheboygan, Cheboygan, Michigan, USA
                                           Married 1962 Robert Morrison
                                                6-1. Kelly Morrison
                                                        Married Robert Feld
                                                              7-1. Lydia Feld
                                                              7-2. Bobby Feld
                                               6-2.  Kathryn Morrison
                     4-4. Walter A. Haas b. Aug 16, 1901 Rust Twp, Montmorency, Michigan, USA d. Aft apr 14, 1930
            3-2 Alfred Haas b. 1866 Ontario, Canada
                   Married Elizabeth Sine
                         4-1. Mary Jane Haas b. 1906 Egremont, Grey, Ontario, Canada d. Oct 1, 1915 Egremont, Grey, Ontario, Canada
            3-3 Adeline Haas b. 1866 Ontario, Canada
            3-4 Edward (Edwin) Haas b. Mar 1868 Ontario, Canada
                   Married Mar 24, 1897 Egremont Twp, Ontario, Canada Rachel Henderson b. 1874
                         4-1. Edna Haas b. 1900 Ontario, Canada
                         4-2. Alexander Haas b. 1902 Ontario, Canada
                         4-3. Isabell Haas b. 1909 Ontario, Canada
                         4-4. Allan Haas b. 1911 Ontario, Canada
            3-5 Susana Haas b. 1868 Ontario, Canada d. Oct 21, 1935 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
                   Married Albert Hart
            3-6 Mary Ann Haas b. 1873 Ontario, Canada
            3-7 William Henry Haas b. Oct 1878 Ontario, Canada
                   Married Jun 25, 1902 Egremont Twp, Ontario, Canada  Jane Henderson b. Sep 18 1877 Egremont Twp, Ontario, Canada d. Sep 19, 1910 Egremont, Grey, Ontario, Canada
                       4-1. Addie Haas b. Oct 1905, Ontario, Canada
                       4-2. Reobina Haas b. Dec 1907 Ontario, Canada
2-6. Jacob Haas b. 1840 d. 1868
2-7. Mary Haas b. Aug 28, 1842 Canada d. Jun 24, 1895 Canada
        Married John Wiegand
              3-1. Otto Wiegand
              3-2. Annie Wiegand
                      Married Solomon Brubacher
              3-3. Otto Wiegand
              3-4. Charles Wiegand
              3-5. Lovina Wiegand
              3-6. William Wiegand
              3-7. Female Wiegand
2-8. Nancy Haas b. Apr 14, 1844 Canada d. Oct 20, 1876 Canada
2-9. Moses Haas b. Aug 20, 1847 Canada
        Married Aug 31, 1873 Anna Schmidt
              3-1. Elizabeth Leoma Haas b. June 1, 1875 Canada d. Jan 12, 1876 Canada
              3-2. Ervine Haas b. Jan 4, 1877 Canada
              3-3. Elam Haas b. Nov 5, 1879 Canada
              3-4. Milton Haas b. May 18, 1883 Canada

Surname Update : Haas, Jannis

Jannis Haas adopted daughter of Catherine Geddes or Feddes
On the 1911 Canada Census page 8, Province of Ontario, District 74 South Grey, Egremont Township line 5 Geddes, (Gedder or Feddes, Fedder) Catherine Female, Head,  b. January 1864, 67 yrs old born O (which I take as Ontario) is Head and on line 8 Haas Jannis Female, Adopted Daughter, b. February 1910 1 yr old, born O.

I am trying to find more information about Jannis Haas. Who here parents were, where they were from, if they died and that's why she was adopted. This Catherine also has 2 other adopted daughters listed on the census.

Jannis Haas (Who does she belong to?)  I found her on the following Census:

1911 Fifth Census of Canada in the Province of Ontario, District No. 74 South Grey, S. District No. 2 Enumeration District No. 3, in Egremont Township Page 8

Line  Dwelling Family Name                         Gender  Relation Marital Birth Month Yr Age Birthplace  5           85          87      Gedde(s, r) Cathrine   F          Head              ?     January  1886   47      O                                      or  Fedde(s,r)  
6                                   Ellis Charlote           F        adopted daughter S   April      1885   26       O  7                                   Fedde(s,r) Rolina     F        adopted daughter S   March    1899   12       O      8                                   Haas Jannis              F        adopted daughter S   Feburey 1910     1       O

Down a few lines on the same census there are some more Haas' and another Ellis 

14         87         89       Haas Edwin              M       Head                    M  March    1868   43      O  15                                 Haas Rachel             F         Wife                    M  April      1876   37      O  16                                 Haas Edna                F         Daughter             S   July        1900   10      O  17                                 Haas Alexander       M        Son                      S   May       1902     9      O  18                                 Haas Isabell             F         Daughter              S  June        1909     1      O  19                                 Haas Allan               M       Son                       S  Febuary   1911   7/12  O  20                                 Haas William           M       Brother                W October    1878   32     O  21                                 Haas Addie              F         Niece                   S  October    1905     5     O  22                                 Haas Reobina          F         Niece                   S  December 1907     3     O  23                                 Haas Adline            F          Sister                   S  October     1865   25    O  24                                 Ellis Jane                F          Head                   W December  1854  56     O   

Is it possible that Jannis could be the daughter of William since he has 2 young daughters or of Adline who is single? 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Internet Explorer 9, Cradlepoint, and organizing my pictures and documents

I think I have my Internet Explorer 9 all set. At least I hope so. I discovered I can both have homepage tabs and have them pinned to my taskbar. Reading the pdf downloaded manual it said something about being able to have pinned sites together in one spot. Not quite sure what that means and how to do it. But as long as everything is working properly is all that really matters.

I'm not sure if I have cradlepoint setup properly after losing cradlepoint while downloading the upgrade. I accidently hit download while I was still reading the screen and it started downloading and I hadn't made a backup before downloading. Lost cradlepoint while downloading and after waiting several minutes (probably close to 30 minutes) and cradlepoint hadn't came back up I close the program which it said not to do. OOPS!!. Well then when I went back in to do upgrade I was on a different screen and had to set cradlepoint back up. After it finished setting up I wound up losing cradlepoint 2 or 3 times while I was working over internet. So I fired them off an email explaining my problem. I got a message they had received my email and support would get back with me in order of receipt of emails. So far I haven't gotten an email back but I haven't lost cradlepoint yet today. Hope I haven't spoke to soon.

Well I should be trying to figure out how I want to organize all my info so I can put it on Dropbox. But I haven't quite decide how I want or need to do it yet. I have alot of pictures in my Legacy Family Tree Software already organized somewhat either by person or family, but I don't have them all linked to the family members yet. Only have a few pictures of the people themselves linked, but I have pictures of documents which I have linked to alot of them. Some are birth or marriage record images, some are census images that I have found that had several family members on them, so instead of saving to person or family, I have them in folders by for example US Census, 1850 US Census, then by the state. Reason being didn't want to make copy of the same images to put in persons folder.

One problem I have is that I didn't get all of the family done in one sitting and forget to make a note to myself where I left off. Really have to start doing that better. I also had had some in a different location now I have to fix that up so links are working properly for everyone. I'm just not sure if I want to make a copy of all my data that I have in my Legacy program and put on C: drive separate from my Legacy program because I want to put all my Legacy data, pictures etc on my Passport (which I still need to erase and start over with it). So should I have a copy of everything in my Legacy program on C drive and Passport and Dropbox. I'm always adding new docs or pictures and I forget to put them in Legacy and put them in C drive in pictures, or documents then have to move them or copy them to Legacy. So have I been to redundant? Any thoughts? This is not to mention the flashsticks that I have info on and can't remember if I transferred that over.

Oh well eventually I might decide how I want to get everything sorted out.

Still haven't figured out how to put google search bar at top of my blog. Need to research this.

Oh well that's enough rambling for now.
Take CARE and have a Great Day!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just downloaded. GeneaWebinars

Just downloaded GeneaWebinars calendar into my Google Calendar and I added the Badge. Hope I did it right DearMyrtle. Hope everything works fine because I lost cradlepoint from my goofy router.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Maybe tonight I will finish getting blog site setup.

I need to add printer friendly to my site. Not sure what else I need and want. I want it looking nice and easy to use and find.

I am still trying to figure out this new Internet Explorer 9. Got as far as page 13 last night in the manual and was getting to tired to go any further. I kind like being able to click on site I have pinned to my taskbar but I don't know if having my yahoo mail pinned there will give me notifications when someone is using Yahoo Plus or whatever it is my one niece uses when she contacts me.

I'm trying to decide between keeping Yahoo as my homepage or I Google as my homepage. I already have 8 homepages which is my limit. Oh what to do! But then again is Google going to work properly with my new Internet Explorer 9?

I want to get some pages set up on my blog. I need to watch Blogging for Beginners #2 again. Sure wish I wasn't so dense. Pictures along with instructions go along way with me.

Still need to get all my stuff in my dropbox. Want to get it better organized before I do it. See what I really want to save and what I don't. I think I have things scattered all over between my flashsticks, my computer, my Legacy files. I like organization but I sure have a hard time getting everything organized. I think it's my inability to decide where to put it.

Oh what to do? Someday I may just everything working properly and easily. Good Luck to ME.

Maybe tonight I will finish getting blog site setup.

I need to add printer friendly to my site. Not sure what else I need and want. I want it looking nice and easy to use and find.

I am still trying to figure out this new Internet Explorer 9. Got as far as page 13 last night in the manual and was getting to tired to go any further. I kind like being able to click on site I have pinned to my taskbar but I don't know if having my yahoo mail pinned there will give me notifications when someone is using Yahoo Plus or whatever it is my one niece uses when she contacts me.

I'm trying to decide between keeping Yahoo as my homepage or I Google as my homepage. I already have 8 homepages which is my limit. Oh what to do!

I want to get some pages set up on my blog. I need to watch Blogging for Beginners #2 again. Sure wish I wasn't so dense. Pictures along with instructions go along way with me.

Still need to get all my stuff in my dropbox. Want to get it better organized before I do it. See what I really want to save and what I don't. I think I have things scattered all over between my flashsticks, my computer, my Legacy files. I like organization but I sure have a hard time getting everything organized. I think it's my inability to decide where to put it.

Oh what to do? Someday I may just everything working properly and easily. Good Luck to ME.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm so lost about setting up my blog.

I get confused so easy with all this new technology (not new to others, but me). I get lost. I really want to get this up and running properly. Looking at other blogs they look so nice. I'm the type of person that needs baby step instructions with pictures that show me in detail what I'm supposed to do.

It must be because I'm a simple person. I don't know all this computer lingo. At least I know how to turn it on. Can't afford to pay someone to help me.

I have Windows Internet Explorer I think version 8. I have always used Yahoo as my search place. At one time I did use Google Chrome but kept getting errors and my poor computer seemed to be laboring so hard. But it seems everyone is using Google. So now I have my blog on google I have a yahoo mail account and a gmail account.

I have 8 homepages that open when I click to go on internet. Facebook, Yahoo, Yahoo mail, Geni, Genealogy Wise, FamilySearch, Twitter, and Blogger (my blogs) site. Some I use my yahoo mail address (because when I got my computer and got hooked up with internet that was how I set my email up) the sites I had to have a google account I set up gmail email account). My Facebook account has both email addresses but I use my yahoo email address to sign in but I have all activity go to gmail. (Am I confusing my system?) I have Geni, Genealogy Wise, FamilySearch and Twitter all with my Yahoo email address for signing in. I also use Legacy Family Tree software which I have yahoo email acct setup and Skype Yahoo email.

When trying to setup my blog I may have confused it when adding gadgets. Yesterday I downloaded the dropbox application and I am pretty sure I set up my account with yahoo email address.

I watched the Blogging for beginners (both presentations) from DearMYRTLE. The second one I watched live and then watched it from Legacy archives. There were a couple of people that set up their blogs while webinar was going on (I don't know how they did that). But I'm still lost. I tried to change my template and it won't bring up other than black screen when I hit template design screen is divided with little white box says live under it. but can't do anything. When I set up my blog I just simple template. Figuring I could come back later and change the design.

Oh by the way I get messages on some sites popblocker blocked click here to see. I don't remember if I clicked to see anything there when I set my blog up or not.

Is there anyway I can use 2 windows (one to view the instructions or a blog from ex. DearMYRTLE showing me what to do and have My blog open in the other window doing what is being explained) open at same time.

I want to set up the print friendly gadget, have comments that I can view, have my blog go to and post to facebook and would be nice to have it go to twitter and Genealogy Wise and Geni (not sure if I can have it go there or not).

Sorry if I have you confused. I'm not good at explaining things. I just want everything working right and would be nice to have it all work together. Any help I could get would be greatly appreciated.

I have alot of work on my Legacy Family Tree to get it ready for FamilySearch when we can access it thru Legacy. I'm not sure what all I have to fix to make it like it should be. I know I have to do my addresses and I have to take out all my Mrs. prefixes for wives. (Kinda confused on that if that is what the document says I got name from).

I have alot of genealogy I want to put on here and have it look nice, tell whatever I know about the person and if I have pictures or documents to include (like a birth certificate, marriage license or census record something like that).

I really need to learn how to make my sources better for Legacy I don't know how to write the source for say a 1930 US Census from or or Footenote. I have a lot of learning to do and some of the same census info came from all locations. And another question on this is if I have the image of the document that I downloaded can I include it for that person. And if I can do I have to make it private or can I keep it public.

Also need help with links. I know your supposed to put complete url address in but I can't always see the whole address. And in my Legacy Family Tree I didn't put url addresses in most of my sources just where I got it from if I remembered to source it.

I want to set this up so it looks professional and is understandable and easy.

Well I guess I have rambled on enough for now. Hope someone can sure help me out and get me unconfused.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sharons family

Ok I'm testing my blog to see if I have it connected to networkedblogs and facebook. Wish me luck I never got to verify after adding my widget and saving it. So hope I did it right.

DearMYRTLE Webinar today.

Can't wait this is my first live webinar. Hope everything goes OK. I don't have Outlook. So I think I have to go to my sign in from my yahoo mail confirmation from Geoff. Sure hope I have no glitches. I think I have to close all my other homepages. I'm going to close them all just to be on the safe side.