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Benjamin Frederic Haas My Story

Benjamin was only with us for only a short time. But what a joy he was to everyone that knew him.

I was born April 17, 1981 on Good Friday at the Lewiston Clinic, in Lewiston, Montmorency County, Michigan. My brothers, Jesse and David Clampitt, waited in the waiting room while my Dad was in the delivery room with mom waiting for my arrival. A while after I was born My Dad took my brothers to Grandpa and Grandma Herricks in the truck and Grandma Bea and My Dad came back to get mom and I in Grandma Bea's car.

That was a great weekend. Most of the family came up to my Grandpa Jack and Bea Herricks house for Easter. Some were there when Grandma Bea, My Dad Walter Haas, My Mom Sharon Clampitt got there. The rest of the family came up on Saturday.

When we got to Grandma and Grandpa Herricks, Grandma Bea went in ahead of us and said "Look what the Easter Bunny brought!"

My Cousin Canda Hickey is looking up at Grandma Bea holding me!!!

April 17, 1981 at Grandma Bea and Grandpa Jack Herricks in Atlanta, Montmorency County, Michigan. They lived way back in the woods.

Mom and I bonding in Grandma Bea's bed. She said she don't give her bed up but she would make an exception.
Been a busy day! Thanks Aunt Eve!!!.

Time for bed. Grandma Bea cleaned out one of dresser drawers and made me a nice comfy bed.
Busy, busy the next two days!!!

On Saturday Aunt Bonnie has to take mom and me into Gaylord to the hospital and have our blood checked and me checked out by hospital just to make sure everything is A OKAY!!! Mom has RH Neg Blood and has to get her shot. Then we have to stop back at our house on Airport Rd in Atlanta and get me some clothes and mom has to make her salad for Sunday Dinner.

Here's my Dad Walter Daniel Haas, Mom Sharon Clampitt and little ol' me, Benjamin Frederic Haas.
My brothers David Michael Clampitt and Jesse Arnold Clampitt, Jesse is holding me.

Mom is over in chair, Aunt Bonnie Haas is holding me, my cousins Heather Herrick, Theresa McGrath, and Danny Hickey.

This Easter Bunny is bigger than me, but he's just fine to lean on.

Let's see we have Aunt Eve's Elbow, Aunt Theresa Herrick and Aunt Kathy McGrath are out in the kitchen oh and there's ChiChi (Aunt Bonnie's dog), Grandma Bea holding me, I think that's Theresa McGrath behind Grandma Bea, then Canda Hickey with fingers in her mouth, and Kimberly McGrath with her eyes shut.
Dad has his arm around mom, and Aunt Evelyn Hickey is holding me.

Here's Kimberly McGrath in back of Theresa McGrath, Uncle Clement McGrath holding me and Canda Hickey.
A group shot of a bunch of my cousins- Back Row- left to right - Danny Hickey, Kimberly McGrath, Michelle Haas, Clement McGrath holding me, Middle Row -left to right - Heather Herrick, Theresa McGrath, Jeremy Herrick, Jesse Clampitt, Front Row - left to right - Nicole Herrick, Cortney Herrick, Canda Hickey, and David Clampitt.

While we were living on Airport Rd. Dad and Mom open up Great Northern Baits in Downtown Atlanta, Michigan. They rented the building from Gayle Ferguson. They bought her craft inventory and also added sandwiches and pizza's from Tony's Pizza truck, potato chips and a few candy bars.

It wasn't too long and we moved into Gayle Ferguson's house right next door to the store. I used to try to stay awake to play with my brothers when they got home from school, but always fell asleep just a little bit before they got home. They used to argue over me and did alot with me.

Grandma Bea one night on her way to Bingo stopped and bought a candy bar and fed it to me. It sure was good but I was a mess. Sorry no pictures available. She said "I've waited a long time to do that", as she laughed on her way out the door.

Uncle George Haas used to stop in quite frequently and have lunch. He would walk back and forth in front of me as he was eating, I would open my mouth waiting for a bite, but he never gave me any. I couldn't eat that kind of food yet.

I preferred food from the table not baby food, although the fruit and desserts were pretty good and I liked the cereals especially if mom mixed fruit in with it. In the following 2 pictures Aunt Theresa Herrick is feeding me baby food. It was ok as long as it was the fruits and dessert but the vegetables Yuck! I would gag. She tried tricking me a couple of times but it didn't matter. Give me Tators and vegetable all mashed up and I was a happy camper.

It ain't gonna work trying to sneak those jar veggies in.
These next few pictures are the last pictures we have and they were taken either around Thanksgiving time (because we celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and deer season all at the same time) or Christmas of 1981.

On Jan 19, 1982 Our Lord and Savior called me home. I died peacefully in my sleep of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

I was buried in the spring when the ground had thawed in the cemetery on M-32 in Atlanta, Montmorency County, Michigan.

I have since been enjoying the reunion with some of family and friends. My Grandma Bea, My Grandpa Jack, My Great Mammy Gibbs, My Great Grandpa Pember, and recently My Aunt Sherry, just to mention a few. We are having a great time up here. I'm running thru the wildflowers having a grand time enjoying the company of friends, family and Our Lord.

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