Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Internet Explorer 9, Cradlepoint, and organizing my pictures and documents

I think I have my Internet Explorer 9 all set. At least I hope so. I discovered I can both have homepage tabs and have them pinned to my taskbar. Reading the pdf downloaded manual it said something about being able to have pinned sites together in one spot. Not quite sure what that means and how to do it. But as long as everything is working properly is all that really matters.

I'm not sure if I have cradlepoint setup properly after losing cradlepoint while downloading the upgrade. I accidently hit download while I was still reading the screen and it started downloading and I hadn't made a backup before downloading. Lost cradlepoint while downloading and after waiting several minutes (probably close to 30 minutes) and cradlepoint hadn't came back up I close the program which it said not to do. OOPS!!. Well then when I went back in to do upgrade I was on a different screen and had to set cradlepoint back up. After it finished setting up I wound up losing cradlepoint 2 or 3 times while I was working over internet. So I fired them off an email explaining my problem. I got a message they had received my email and support would get back with me in order of receipt of emails. So far I haven't gotten an email back but I haven't lost cradlepoint yet today. Hope I haven't spoke to soon.

Well I should be trying to figure out how I want to organize all my info so I can put it on Dropbox. But I haven't quite decide how I want or need to do it yet. I have alot of pictures in my Legacy Family Tree Software already organized somewhat either by person or family, but I don't have them all linked to the family members yet. Only have a few pictures of the people themselves linked, but I have pictures of documents which I have linked to alot of them. Some are birth or marriage record images, some are census images that I have found that had several family members on them, so instead of saving to person or family, I have them in folders by for example US Census, 1850 US Census, then by the state. Reason being didn't want to make copy of the same images to put in persons folder.

One problem I have is that I didn't get all of the family done in one sitting and forget to make a note to myself where I left off. Really have to start doing that better. I also had had some in a different location now I have to fix that up so links are working properly for everyone. I'm just not sure if I want to make a copy of all my data that I have in my Legacy program and put on C: drive separate from my Legacy program because I want to put all my Legacy data, pictures etc on my Passport (which I still need to erase and start over with it). So should I have a copy of everything in my Legacy program on C drive and Passport and Dropbox. I'm always adding new docs or pictures and I forget to put them in Legacy and put them in C drive in pictures, or documents then have to move them or copy them to Legacy. So have I been to redundant? Any thoughts? This is not to mention the flashsticks that I have info on and can't remember if I transferred that over.

Oh well eventually I might decide how I want to get everything sorted out.

Still haven't figured out how to put google search bar at top of my blog. Need to research this.

Oh well that's enough rambling for now.
Take CARE and have a Great Day!!!!

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