Monday, March 28, 2011

Trying to get ORGANIZED Oh My!!! Dropbox Oh Dear!!!

I spend most of yesterday trying to get myself, getting more of my pictures linked back up to my Legacy family members, My hard drive, and trying to figure out how to put things in Dropbox.

I clicked on the Dropbox icon on my computer all I seen was Photos and Public and a PDF for using dropbox. So I clicked on the PDF first read it. Apparently I need alot more pictures with good step by step instructions.
Adding files to your Dropbox
You've found your Dropbox folder, and you're ready to start using it. Let's move a file to your Dropbox folder.
Step 1: Drag and drop a file into your Dropbox.
Step 2: The blue icon means your file is syncing with Dropbox.

That's it! The green icon means that your file has finished syncing and is now available from your other computers and the website. Now that Dropbox is watching your file, any changes you make will sync instantly.

What do I do now?
There are three ways to interact with the Dropbox installation on your computer:
The Dropbox Folder

When you install the Dropbox application, Dropbox creates a Dropbox folder on your hard drive. In fact, it you're reading this guide, then you probably already found your Dropbox folder!

(Okay I must be in the right place, because that's where I'm reading the guide.

Now guide says Your Dropbox folder is just like any other folder on your hard drive. When you move a file to your Dropbox folder, you are also moving your file to your Dropbox folders on the web and your other computers. You don't need to do any manual copying or uploading; Dropbox takes care of all of that for you!

The green circle and check mean Dropbox is fully synced
The blue circle and arrows mean Dropbox is currently syncing and files are uploading/downloading.
The red circle with an "x" means Dropbox is unable to sync. Usually, this is because your storage quota is full (can't upload), your hard drive is full (can't download), or you are experiencing connection problems (no internet).

That all seemed pretty clear. But I read on I like to finish reading instructions all the way thru,

The Dropbox Contextual Menu

When you Right-Click (I have Windows) a file or folder in your Dropbox, you'll see a menu. This is called a contextual menu. The Dropbox desktop application installs a sub-menu there that allows you fast access to some of Dropbox's best features.
Share a folder
View Previous Versions
Browse File on Dropbox Websit
Copy Public Link

The Dropbox System Tray/Menu bar icon

The Dropbox system tray or menu bar icon is where you can check the current syncing status and change your Dropbox settings.

The same green, blue, and red icons that appear over the files and folders in your Dropbox also appear over the system tray icon to alert you to Dropbox's overall syncing status.

You can get more detailed information when you right-click on the Dropbox icon from the system tray or menu bar lining the bottom of the screen. The resulting pull-down menu allows you to do such things as:

Access your Dropbox folder, the Dropbox website, or the Dropbox help center.
See which files were recently changed.
View an estimate of how long it will take your Dropbox folder to fully sync
Change your Dropbox preferences including your Dropbox folder location, Dropbox account, and network settings.

Then it goes into Frequently Asked Questions which I read over.

I right clicked on Dropbox and this is what I got
Include in Library    >  Documents
                                      Create New Library
Open Folder Location
Open Command Prompt Here
Open in New Window
Open as Notebook in OneNote
Dropbox                    > Browse on Dropbox Website
Scan for Viruses
Restore Previous Versions
Send To                     > Compressed (Zipped) Folder
                                      Desktop (Create Shortcut)
                                      Fax Recipient
                                      Mail Recipient
                                      DVD RW Drive (F:)
                                      USB Disk (G:)
                                       My Passport (I:)
Copy To Folder...
Move To Folder...

Now when I click on Dropbox Folder This is What I see
Address Bar with Dropbox Folder icon> Owner>Dropbox>        Then there's the Search Dropbox
File  Edit View  Tools  Help
Organize  Include in Library  Share With     Burn    New Folder   Change view icon  Show previous view pane and Help
On Left side             Selection bar     On Right Side   Name       Date Modified            Type

Favorites                                              Blue Circle      Legacy     3/26/2011 ll:25 PM     File Folder
                                                            Blue & Green Circles This has my whole Legacy program in it
Desktop                                               Green Circle    Photos      3/27/2011  1:47 PM    File Folder
                                                            Green Circles    My Photo Album 3/27/2011 1:56 Pm File Folder
                                                             Green Circles    Sample Album    3/4/2011 2:11Pm File Dolder
Recent Places                                      Green Circle    Public       3/27/2011  1:41 PM    File Folder
Downloads                                        Green Circle Getting Started 3/4/2011 1:58 PM Adobe Acrobat D



  Local Disk (C:)
  Recovery (D:)
  HP_Tools (E:)
  USB Disk (G:)
  CD Drive (H:) WD Smartware
  My Passport (I:)


Filed Folder 4 items State: Shared

Anyways when I drap and drop a file into Dropbox it took it away from my picture library. I had no intentions of putting my whole Legacy program in dropbox but coughed and it started going there in a matter of seconds. Bad News. My Legacy program on my computer was unusable. I was devastated. I finally hit the Install Legacy 7 but remember I'm still in my dropbox. Well that installed back on my computer but all my families, information, pictures showed 0. Oh Crap!!! now what do I do. So I went back to dropbox and copied the my families data files back in. Ok now my families are showing up no pictures. Ok back to dropbox and copied Photos, documents, videos Geo database back to Legacy on my computer. It seems to be working OK just seems like it takes longer to load up.

Let me tell you I was on the verge of breaking down and crying. I had worked on my genealogy files for a long time off and on and had throwed all my scraps of paper away that I had notes on. So I really hope I have it all fixed.

But now I'm leary about drop my pictures, documents etc into dropbox because I don't want them disappearing from where I'm used to looking for them.

I signed up for Thomas's Webinar in April for Dropbox. I rewatched the Webinar he had the other day on backing up. Still want to go back and reread DearMyrtle's on Dropbox. I need step by babystep with pictures to look at while I'm doing it. I'm so dense at times. Am I missing a step in doing this?

Then I have this little problem with my system backing up to my Passport. I keep getting messages not enough space. But I don't know how to fix it. Afraid to remove anything. I don't know how to make a restore disk or backup Disks on DVD.

Heck I still haven't figured out how to get the pictures off my phone to my computer.

The more new technology that comes out the loster I get. Easy as 1, 2, 3. Yeah Right. Not for this little old lady.

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  1. Sharon, The whole point of Dropbox is that you do actually move the files that you want to backup & sync to other computers into the Dropbox folder.

    If you just put a copy of a file in Dropbox and continue making changes to the original that is stored somewhere else on your computer then your changes will not be backed up in Dropbox.


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