Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Storms on the Way!!!

We have rain right now and I thought I heard thunder. Weather man said more storms for later tonight also. Sure hope it doesn't interfere with my Webinar tonight with Geoff entering his marriage details.

I sure hope these tornadoes quit before long that keeps hitting our country. Southwestern part of  Michigan had tornado boxes up and Illinois was mentioned among other states.

We have a couple of young men from Mason County here in Michigan that are trying to collect non-perishable food, clothing, blankets, toys and whatever else anybody can donate to take down to Joplin, MO. They plan on leaving Monday to deliver the donations. I pray they can collect a lot and have safe travels. Thanks Broc Cameron and Todd Sorenson. You are great guys.

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to all that have been affected and to those that are helping.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Where was my Father in 1930?

I was looking in today for information on my biological Father Wilfred Edward Page. I found him in a 1930 US Federal Census living in Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan. doesn't have an image to look at but I copied the information for each person that was living in the household. I paraphrased it so I could remember the relation to head of house.

1930 United States Census
73-45 Sheet 1A Saginaw City Ward 13, Saginaw, Michigan
Family Number: 1  In the Household:

2) Tom Brady, Male, white,  Head of House, Married, b. 1878, Age 52, Born in Michigan, Father was born in Canada, Mother was born in New York.

3) Minnie A. Brady, Female, white, Married to Tom Brady, b. 1871, Age 59, Born in Michigan, Father was born in New York, Mother was born in Michigan.

4) Truman F. Brady, Male, White, Single, Adopted son of Tom Brady, b. 1919, Age 11, Born in Washington, Father was born in Indiana, Mother was born in Michigan.

5) Edward Page, Male, white, Married to Gladys, b. 1901, Age 29, Nephew of Tom and Minnie Brady, born in Michigan, Father born in New York, Mother born in Ohio.

6) Gladys Page, Female, White, Married to Edward Page, b. 1911, Age 19, Niece of Tom and Minnie Brady, Born in Michigan, Father was born in Michigan, Mother was born in Michigan.

7) Wilfred Page, [transcribed as] Female, White, Single, [Transcribed as] Grand-Niece of Tom and Minnie Brady, b. 1928, Age 2, Born in Michigan, Father born in Michigan, Mother born in Michigan.

8) Donna Page, Female, White, Single, Grand-Niece of Tom & Minnie Brady, b. 1929, Age 1, Born in Michigan, Father was born in Michigan, Mother was born in Michigan.

National Archives and Records Administration, T626, Roll 1022, Film Number: 2340757, Digital Folder Number: 4609262, Image Number: 00598.

Tom Brady must be Gladys Page's Father's brother. I'm pretty sure this is the right family. My Mom can't remember Edward and Gladys having a daughter named Donna.

I haven't been able to find his birth record yet or death record. But I did find his Social Security Number and Birth and Death information from that.

Name: Wilfred E. Page
Birth Date: 8 November 1927
Social Security Number: 386-24-2544
Place of Issuance: Michigan
Last Residence: Rose City, Ogemaw, Michigan
Zip Code of Last Residence: 48654
Death Date: 6 March 1993
Estimated Age at Death: 66 (pilot), Collection: U.S. Social Security Death Index.

I know he was serving our country in 1953 in Germany.

I know my Mom and Dad were married Nov 12. But my Mom can't remember if it was 1949 for sure. Maybe when I get down to her house in July she will have a copy of her marriage and divorce papers.

They were divorced I think while he was still in the service because I seem to recall my Mom saying she received Child Support from him when he was in the service but once he got out she didn't see any child support.

He married a woman by the name of Patricia. I believe they had 5 children. I know one girls name is Alvona. I think there was 2 boys and 3 girls but I'm not sure. My sister and I spent a few days at their home in Clio, Michigan in 1970 shortly after I graduated from High School. They took us up north to their place in Rose City, Michigan for a couple of days but it rained most of the time we were up there, so they brought us home.

 I have been trying to find an obituary for him which I'm pretty sure would have been published in The Flint Journal in Flint, Michigan. I'm not sure if he is buried in the Clio-Flint area or up north in Rose City area. I do not know for sure what he died of, but I think my sister told me he had a heart attack.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What I have been up to the last few weeks!!!

I have been very busy organizing and sourcing all my images to family names in my Legacy Family Tree. This past week I have spent a lot time at looking at Holocaust records. I don't know if any of them are related or not.

I have a dumb question? Can anyone tell me what the enclosure link is used for? I am still confused on some features of Blogger and haven't been able to find any information on how and when to use it. I still have trouble with word processors and all there features. I'm an old fashioned gal with minute technology skills.

I am way behind in my blog reading of the blogs I follow. I catch some on facebook through the Networked blogs. But right now I figure it is better to get my Legacy Family Tree Program all fixed up and get the sources and images all linked up properly.

I had been trying for days to look at some images in and my little spinner just kept spinning and wasn't bringing up the images to look at. I tried looking at some I had looked at previously and same thing. No image would come up. It wasn't until I was looking at images and only getting a black screen with the image flickering all over the place that I decided to look at help. Because I had this flickering of the ads or something on the left side of my screen where my inbox, contacts, etc. is in my Yahoo!Mail going on which was really distracting and couldn't figure out why that was happening. Well after reading the help for black screen on it said something about uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Flashplayer and if that didn't correct the problem to try installing Firefox browser. Plus I contacted Support at and got same answer when I described my problem. So after uninstalling and reinstalling the Adobe Flashplayer version for Windows 7 3 or 4 times, I finally downloaded Firefox browser. and reinstalling Adobe Flashplayer I was able to view the images with no problem on both and I was such a happy camper after several lost hours.

Now I have to get used to using Foxfire. Haven't had time to read all the helps yet so I don't understand all the features. But have discovered if I use my pinned sites on my taskbar it uses Internet Explorer 9 and wants to know if I want to make it my default browser. Well not until Adobe Flashplayer is able to work properly with it.

 I downloaded something for I Tunes don't remember if it was a song or a Podcast or something from BlogTalkRadio but it was ITunes for Apple. The other night I missed my BlogTalkRadio broadcast I wanted to listen to with DearMyrtle so I hit the ITunes on my BlogTalkRadio gadget and did I ever have a hard time finding it. Got error messages from the ITunes Application in podcast. Finally did get it. Then I finally found it Music Library for Media Player also. I don't know if I uninstall the Apple ITunes if I am still going to be able to use the Itune on BlogTalkRadio. Sometime I really hate technology. I think a lot of times there is such a lack of instructions and information that come with apps. It is like they assume everyone knows all about this new technology and how to use it, they forget about us old folks that are still learning about computers and how to use them.

My Blogger is misbehaving. Every time I hit enter to make a new paragraph it takes me up 3 or 4 paragraphs.  Sometimes I think improvements makes something else not work properly. I like things to simply work properly.

I had erased My Passport Hard drive and had it so it had plenty of room to do backups then windows needed to backup and there went all that space. So now I guess I'm going to have to erase it again. I wish I knew how other people use their passport drives. I'm afraid that if I just use it like my flash sticks and copy my pictures, music, documents, videos and Legacy program files to it that I may forget to add the new ones to it.

Sometimes when I read something or someone explains something I think I understand but then when I go to do it, it doesn't work right. So I just seem to stumble along. I know Thomas has showed using dropbox and so has Pat through DearMyrtle, but I have way to much to use it solely. I am on a very limited budget so can't afford to buy extra space. I know I need to back up My system but am unsure about how best to do it. For instance if I want to backup my pictures that I have on C: drive and have on My Passport hard drive do I just chose copy pictures to the say H: my Passport and have to hit replace the ones that are the same on the H: my Passport. And then I would automatically have the new ones that I may have forgotten to add to the H: my Passport drive show up there. I know I can have my Legacy Family Tree program backup my data by choosing the H: my Passport (although right now my file is to big for it to backup keep getting that error message). Or is there another way? I need step by step how to do things.

Is there a way I can automatically have my blog backup to My DropBox as I write my blog and publish it? It seems like there should be a way to do it without having to download to my computer dropbox.

Well with the weather systems that has been going on we keep losing our signal for TV.  Lost our signal for CBS 9&10 last night completely for several hours then it kept blipping in and out during the news. Especially the weather. I think that is part of our problem with our internet connection too. We just have an antenna on the top of the house with a converter box. No Satellite or cable. We have Alltell as our internet provider and then have a cradlepoint router so both my husband and I can share the connection. Before if he wanted to get on the internet I would have to unplug the little usb device from my computer so he could plug it into his. But now every once in a while some days more than others we lose cradlepoint. Someday maybe we will have everything working smoothly.

I know a kid could probably pick up all this technology stuff and have it all work properly with no problems whereas I need to have everything explained step by baby step as to what to do and where I should be at when I need to do something. Sorry for being so stupid but some of this stuff I just can't seem to grasp entirely. I think I have it until I go to do. Maybe because I'm a simple person is the reason I have trouble with the assuming things.

Oh well, enough of my ramblings. I need to get something done. Even if it's wrong.

Until next time.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there and the Father's that are being the Mother and Father. There are alot of Women out there who may have never had children but are still a Mother to many. This is your day too!!!

No amount of money could ever be enough to pay you for what you have done for us thru the years. All the messes we've made, the tears of joy and sorrow we've gave you, and for all you have done for us.


I have 2 mom's to remember today. My Mom and My Mom-in-law.

My Mom-in-law always treated me like a daughter not a daughter-in-law. From the first day I met her I was treated like one of the family. She would call and ask us to go mushroom hunting, berry picking, fishing, and just spending time.

She loved sewing for family. Somehow all those clothes she made for grandkids fit. She never used patterns just cut and sewed on her treadle sewing machine and by hand. She loved making quilts. I have a double wedding ring quilt she made for us.

She loved her garden and canning everything she could get her hands on and she was very fussy about how things looked in her jars. Boy that stuff was sure good come winter. When she would do up morel mushrooms and freeze them she always saved some to use in Spaghetti Sauce. Oh my what a treat.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Bea Herrick my Great Mom-in-law. This was in the summer of 1983. I miss her dearly and the times we spent together.

Now for my Mom. She has been there thru thick and thin. She drove me to the hospital to deliver my second son on a foggy morning running a stop sign. (No cars were coming thank goodness). Totally forgot about the stop sign being there.

When us girls were young, she thought nothing of playing Barbie's with us, or coloring in our coloring books. Our house was never clean and tidy like you see in magazines, it was definitely lived in, but we enjoyed her playing with us. She is very tickleous and we would get her down and tickle her until she would start to wet her pants. She would run to the bathroom laughing all the way.

I have so many happy times I can remember having with her. Her learning how to drive and a stick shift at that was funny now looking back on it. We had 2 stick shifts that had scraps on side panels and then trying to take off from the light in Vassar on way up north. It was on a hill, and she finally got going by rolling backwards into semi truck behind us and the driving just laughing so hard. Finally Dad bought an automatic. Needless to say we never had a car that didn't have a ding somewhere on it. She gave up driving a few years ago.

She was there for all our parent teacher conferences, she was an active member of the Mother's Club for our school. She went to all our school plays and helped us learn our parts. She was there when we were sick. Measles, Chicken Pox yup she was there listening to our whining and applying calamine lotion. Tonsils removed and my gallbladder surgery. She was there when my sister almost cut her toe off just before going on our very first vacation out of state.

She was there for my first marriage and thru the death of my first husband. She was there for my sister's 2 marriages and babysitting for my sister's girls and for my boys. She was there for my second marriage and the death of our youngest boy. She has been there thru tears of joy and pain.

She loves her flowers and has always had flowers everywhere she lived. She loves her dog and her cats. They keep her company and busy. She has so many friends that she has had for years (ever since I was in school) that she keeps in touch with. And her neighbors are always checking on her and take her to the store or pick things up for her.

She has a pacemaker now. Seems heart problems runs in our family. I try to call her every week. Some times it might be closer to 2 weeks. She is suffering from repeating herself disease. (Sometimes I find myself or my husband doing that though).

This July 11 she will be celebrating her 83rd birthday. I may be there just before or shortly after that day, but I plan on spending 1 or 2 weeks with her. Most of that time will be spent scanning all of the family pictures and documents she has and having her help me put it into my Legacy Family Tree program. I would like to take her and my camera (hopefully it still works) to the Cemeteries where we have family and get pictures of there headstones to add to my program. I think she will really enjoy that and seeing it all come together. Maybe I'll be able to take her to the library in Millington and look up some records with her and maybe get more documents to add.

This was taken in 1985. She still has that beautiful smile. I really like picking on my Mom and then seeing her smile when she realizes I'm kidding her.

Can't wait to see you Mom. I Love You very much!!!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Obituaries - Harleigh F. Evans

Today would have been my Stepdad's 100th birthday. So I decided to put his obituary in today.

Obituary and a clipping from The Flint Journal.

This was taken at Thanksgiving time in 1968 down in West Bloomfield, Michigan at our Nolan Cousins house.

This picture and the next one were taken with our poodle Taco in the sunporch at our house at Pleasant Lake, in Lapeer, Michigan in 1972.

This was after he had retired from Pontiac Motors on disability. He worked as a die-setter there for 33 years. Taking time out to serve our country during World War II.

He was our stepfather but we always called him Dad. He had wanted to adopt my sister and I, but couldn't locate my real father at the time. He was the only father we ever really knew growing up.

Happy 100th Birthday Dad!!