Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Obituaries - Harleigh F. Evans

Today would have been my Stepdad's 100th birthday. So I decided to put his obituary in today.

Obituary and a clipping from The Flint Journal.

This was taken at Thanksgiving time in 1968 down in West Bloomfield, Michigan at our Nolan Cousins house.

This picture and the next one were taken with our poodle Taco in the sunporch at our house at Pleasant Lake, in Lapeer, Michigan in 1972.

This was after he had retired from Pontiac Motors on disability. He worked as a die-setter there for 33 years. Taking time out to serve our country during World War II.

He was our stepfather but we always called him Dad. He had wanted to adopt my sister and I, but couldn't locate my real father at the time. He was the only father we ever really knew growing up.

Happy 100th Birthday Dad!!

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