Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there and the Father's that are being the Mother and Father. There are alot of Women out there who may have never had children but are still a Mother to many. This is your day too!!!

No amount of money could ever be enough to pay you for what you have done for us thru the years. All the messes we've made, the tears of joy and sorrow we've gave you, and for all you have done for us.


I have 2 mom's to remember today. My Mom and My Mom-in-law.

My Mom-in-law always treated me like a daughter not a daughter-in-law. From the first day I met her I was treated like one of the family. She would call and ask us to go mushroom hunting, berry picking, fishing, and just spending time.

She loved sewing for family. Somehow all those clothes she made for grandkids fit. She never used patterns just cut and sewed on her treadle sewing machine and by hand. She loved making quilts. I have a double wedding ring quilt she made for us.

She loved her garden and canning everything she could get her hands on and she was very fussy about how things looked in her jars. Boy that stuff was sure good come winter. When she would do up morel mushrooms and freeze them she always saved some to use in Spaghetti Sauce. Oh my what a treat.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Bea Herrick my Great Mom-in-law. This was in the summer of 1983. I miss her dearly and the times we spent together.

Now for my Mom. She has been there thru thick and thin. She drove me to the hospital to deliver my second son on a foggy morning running a stop sign. (No cars were coming thank goodness). Totally forgot about the stop sign being there.

When us girls were young, she thought nothing of playing Barbie's with us, or coloring in our coloring books. Our house was never clean and tidy like you see in magazines, it was definitely lived in, but we enjoyed her playing with us. She is very tickleous and we would get her down and tickle her until she would start to wet her pants. She would run to the bathroom laughing all the way.

I have so many happy times I can remember having with her. Her learning how to drive and a stick shift at that was funny now looking back on it. We had 2 stick shifts that had scraps on side panels and then trying to take off from the light in Vassar on way up north. It was on a hill, and she finally got going by rolling backwards into semi truck behind us and the driving just laughing so hard. Finally Dad bought an automatic. Needless to say we never had a car that didn't have a ding somewhere on it. She gave up driving a few years ago.

She was there for all our parent teacher conferences, she was an active member of the Mother's Club for our school. She went to all our school plays and helped us learn our parts. She was there when we were sick. Measles, Chicken Pox yup she was there listening to our whining and applying calamine lotion. Tonsils removed and my gallbladder surgery. She was there when my sister almost cut her toe off just before going on our very first vacation out of state.

She was there for my first marriage and thru the death of my first husband. She was there for my sister's 2 marriages and babysitting for my sister's girls and for my boys. She was there for my second marriage and the death of our youngest boy. She has been there thru tears of joy and pain.

She loves her flowers and has always had flowers everywhere she lived. She loves her dog and her cats. They keep her company and busy. She has so many friends that she has had for years (ever since I was in school) that she keeps in touch with. And her neighbors are always checking on her and take her to the store or pick things up for her.

She has a pacemaker now. Seems heart problems runs in our family. I try to call her every week. Some times it might be closer to 2 weeks. She is suffering from repeating herself disease. (Sometimes I find myself or my husband doing that though).

This July 11 she will be celebrating her 83rd birthday. I may be there just before or shortly after that day, but I plan on spending 1 or 2 weeks with her. Most of that time will be spent scanning all of the family pictures and documents she has and having her help me put it into my Legacy Family Tree program. I would like to take her and my camera (hopefully it still works) to the Cemeteries where we have family and get pictures of there headstones to add to my program. I think she will really enjoy that and seeing it all come together. Maybe I'll be able to take her to the library in Millington and look up some records with her and maybe get more documents to add.

This was taken in 1985. She still has that beautiful smile. I really like picking on my Mom and then seeing her smile when she realizes I'm kidding her.

Can't wait to see you Mom. I Love You very much!!!


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