Thursday, June 30, 2011

Allan Haas Family about 1891

Here is more details on the photo I posted yesterday in Wordless Wednesday.

This picture was sent to us from Marty Haas (a son of Albert and Lucille Haas) a few years ago on a CD he made of some of the family pictures.

This picture was taken about 1891.

Allan is holding onto Daniel Isaac, Mary Anna Marie (Klein) has Susanna sitting on her lap. I'm not sure where the picture was taken.

Just a note on Mary in some records I have her as Mary Anna, Mary Anne, Anna Marie, Anne Marie and possibly a few others. It is probably because of how some referred to her.

This is definitely a family treasure. And I must say not a bad looking family either.

I just love Old Family Pictures. Doesn't matter whose they are, they are all treasures for sure!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

What have I been doing?

I haven't written on my blog for a while. Been very busy little girl though. What have I been doing?

  1. I added a few family members to my WikiTree. Invited someone to my WikiTree.
  2. I added family members for Haas, Hare, and Klein to Walt's side of the family on My Family Tree on Invited someone to that tree. 
  3. I have been getting my 1860 Census Record Image linked back up to my Legacy Family Tree program. I'm in Michigan now and have only 4 or 5 more counties to do there. If I remember right Wayne County has several Images. Plus as I have been linking them back up I have put citations in a little better. It's still not perfect because I don't have the film no. on them. Will have to back to the site I got them from to get the film no. But for all the family members I have been putting the residence, occupation and if attending school, for the date that is on the census page. So that gives me a little running history of where they were at and what they might have been doing. Thank GOODNESS for watching the Webinars and learning how to use the clipboard to copy the information to each one the easy way. Thanks Geoff Rasmussen for that tip among other tips he showed on the Webinars. I still get confused on doing some of citations using the source writer, eventually I learn that better. 
  4. Listen to some of the Geneablogger Radio programs. (With a few minor glitches of losing internet connection and then losing sound and having to restart a few times.) Even used the chat a little bit more than saying Hi or Nite all and a few Thanks to Thomas and guest speakers. Heck I may get this all down pat sooner or later. 
  5. Read a few blogs everyday. 
  6. I have been keeping up with my emails both on gmail and yahoo!mail.
  7. Went ahead and updated to the new Yahoo!Mail. Then finally figured out why I couldn't see my who was chatting while I was in Yahoo!Mail. I have to sign in thru my Yahoo account can't do it thru google account. 
  8. Updated to Mozilla Firefox 5.0. Was a little scared about doing that after reading some of the posts. But everything seems to be working fine. So far so Good!!!
  9. Reading Facebook posts. 
  10. Added a few new friends. 
What will I be doing?

  1. Continuing my Census linking up.
  2. Reading Facebook posts.
  3. Reading Emails.
  4. Reading a few blogs.
  5. Trying to keep my self under control. I'm getting so anxious to get over to my Mom's and start scanning pictures and having her help me identifying family and put the information in my Legacy Family Tree. And visiting cemeteries and taking pictures of headstones of our family. And visiting with Walt's sisters and families. Visiting with my Sis and her family. Won't have any internet so won't be able to post, write on blog, or look up information. But I will survive.
  6. I have to do some re-organizing in the house. Got to move furniture around and make some room in spare room for some of the furniture. Carrying the old (only had it since Jan. 1990) sofabed out. Take the good mattress off of it and figure out where to store it. Bring the new (good used) couch and loveseat in the house. (Thanks Jesse and Amy). I am probably going to have to part (or maybe take to the basement) my favorite rocking chair. Maggie Mae is sitting in it in the one picture of her. I'm not sure how old it is but it was used when I got it. I cleaned and house sitted for that chair when I was pregnant for David back in 1975. Would like to get it reupholstered some day and new springs put in it.
 Will probably post again before I leave. Then look out!! I plan to do a lot of blogging upon my return from my visit. 

Well, that's it for now. Happy blogging, my friends.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Neighbors

I grew up in a small subdivision on a private lake in Lapeer, Lapeer, Michigan, USA. It was at Pleasant Lake. And most of the time it was pretty pleasant. Of course there was the occasional neighbor kid that would throw sticks or rocks at the dogs and the little spats with our friends which didn't last long.

All in all though all the neighbors pretty much got along and if one neighbor needed help there was always someone to come to the aid of the neighbor. Everybody pretty much looked out for each other.

My Mom was like the neighborhood babysitter. We had several families in the neighborhood that worked days and when we didn't have school or one of the neighbor kids was sick but not sick enough for their parent to stay home, Mom would watch them. She rarely got paid for it, it was just the neighborly thing to do. Neighbors heading into town would stop and see if anyone needed anything. And if there was a Walt Disney Movie playing in Lapeer our happy little bodies would be in their car headed into town to watch it.

Back then you didn't worry about locking your doors. Nobody ever bothered anything. If they stopped by they might open the door and holler and sometimes leave a note on the table. I have to laugh thinking back on it now, because one day one of the kids mom had been watching played with the locks on the door. We didn't notice it and left to go to town to do our shopping. Got home and door was locked. We didn't have a key on us. (It took one of those skeleton keys). The front door out by the lake was locked because sometimes strong winds would blow it open so we had to lock it so it wouldn't blow open. It took us quite a while (seemed like forever) to break in. The windows all had latches on the inside and then there was the long curtain rod that went across the whole length of the windows. We finally got in but it sure was a job. Let me tell you we always checked from that day on to make sure that door wasn't lock before leaving the house.

In the summer we had a neighborhood picnic, everyone bringing a dish to pass and Halloween there was always a Halloween party in the park and at the one neighbors garage which always bobbing for apples went on.

As we got older in our high school days, some of the neighbors moved and the ones that moved in were not always good neighbors. That was when we put new locks on the door and we all had keys. The older neighbors still watched out for everyone but it just wasn't the same as when we were younger. I sure miss those days!!!

Where we live now it is nothing to see law enforcement at a neighbors house or going past sometimes several times in one day. A lot of breaking into homes and out buildings, drugs, fights, you name it. You never know if it was a shot or fireworks going off. We still try to watch out for our neighbors but it sure does get hard at times. You don't know if that vehicle belongs there or not.

The Haas Family Tree is now on WikiTree

I added a page for The Haas Family Tree.

I wanted to put it in the tree format but it kept going to my other format of tree. I don't want to have to setup a new one Family or whatever I would have to do to get it into the tree style. It's been a little bit of a trial and error. When I was adding new family members their locations (for my not living family members) were not showing up on The Haas Family Tree. Oh well, I started losing patience and quit for now.

So for now Benjamin, Walt, his Dad and Mom, and 2 sisters I think are on there. It seems my patience today is not good. Hopefully it will improve because I usually have a lot of Patience. Poor George isn't on there yet. Guess maybe I better go back and get him added. I can't even imagine what problems I may have adding the additional grandparents. Hopefully I will get this down pat. I have several to add.

I have Marriage records and Census records for some. Not sure how to add them or if I can.

I have to have my Legacy Family Tree open at the same time so I can get the information I from there to add on my WikiTree. I didn't upload a Gedcom because I have so much fixing to do and didn't want to enter wrong information. Oh well Onward and Upward.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Possible Marriage License for Joseph Sewell

I think I might have found the marriage license for my Great-Great-Great Grandpa Joseph Sewell and Eliza Ann Dowd. Unfortunately I cannot view the license to see anymore information. I found it usually one of the free sites on my relatively curious toolbar.

It was listed under the free United States (US & individual States) -   Illinois Marriage, 1763-1900. I looked for Joseph Sewell and entered the date of marriage.

Joseph Sewell Marriage License Information

 Groom           Bride                Date               Vol./Page     License No.  County

SEWELL, JOSEPHSEELEY, ELIZA A01/25/1841      00A/0078    00000795     TAZEWELL

Monday, June 13, 2011

Joseph Sewell My 3rd Great-Grandfather b. about 1815 d. Nov 3, 1899

[Joseph Sewell b. 1816, Essex County, England.
Migrated to US in 1832
Married Eliza Doud in Illinois in 1841.
Moved to Crawford County with daughter Emily & her husband Judson M. Francis a blacksmith.
( I have not verified this yet. I found this information at Researcher Scott Heil.) ]

I found a Census Record for my 3rd Great-Grandfather Joseph Sewall [Sewell] on I was looking for Joseph Sewell but looking at the one I found this is my Joseph Sewell just spelled Sewall. I am glad I checked this one or I would not have made this connection. I knew he had been born in England from what my mom had told me.

I could not find a city on the schedule but it was in Mason County, Illinois on 31st Oct 1850.

He is on line 18 in Family 256, Household 256. He was a farmer. He is 34 on this census which would put him being born around 1816. He was born in Eng. [England]. My mom has him being born in 1815.

In his household are:
19) Eliza Ann 33 yrs old, a female, I can not tell for sure where it says she was born but other information I have has her being born in Vermont.
20) Ira J. Sewall is 9 yrs old, a male, born in Ill. and has attended school within the year.
21) James G. Sewall is 7 yrs old, a male, born in Ill.
22) Lydia M. Sewall 5 yrs old, a female, born in Ill.
23) Thomas I. Sewall 3 yrs old, a male, born in Ill.
24) Lorenzo D. Sewall 5/12 yrs old, a male, born in Ill.
25) Charles Chatfield 17 [12] yrs old, a male, born in Ohio, attended school within the year. I am not sure who this is, but he could be a member of Eliza's family, or a friend or a boarder.
The person who transcribed the information did not include a middle initial for Thomas or Lorenzo.

"U.S. Census Population Schedule, 1850" index and images, ''FamilySearch'' ([]); from United States Census Office. 7th Census. Digital images of originals housed at the National Archives, Washington, D.C.. FHL microfilm. Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. Film Number: 442908, Digital GS Number: 4191986, Image Number: 00164, Family: 256, Household: 256.
By 5 June 1860 I found him and his family on Page 15 in Stockbridge, Ingham, Michigan 1860 Cenus Records. This one throwed me off at first because it was done with Initials for the first and middle names. But I am pretty sure this is the right family. I am not sure if the Dowd family that is listed above is any relation to Eliza Ann or not but it seems they would be.

I am including the Dowd family here just in case. They start on line 15-18. Dwelling 115 Family 121.
15) J W Dowd 61 yrs old Male, a retired farmer, Real Estate Value of 1600 and Personal Estate value of 600, born in VT. [Vermont].
16) E Dowd 61 yrs old Female, born in VT. [Vermont].
17) J W Dowd 20 yrs old Male, a farmer, born in NY [New York]. Married within the year.
18) S N [?] Dowd 19 yrs old Female, born in NY [New York] married within the year.
My Sewell family starts on line 28-37. In Dwelling 118 and Family 124.
28) J Sewell 43 yrs old Male, a farmer, Real Estate value of 2100, and Personal Estate Valued at 360, born in Eng [England]. [This would be Joseph Sewell]
29) E Sewell 41 yrs old Female, born in VT [Vermont]. [Eliza Ann Sewell]
30) I J Sewell 18 yrs old Male, a farm hand, born in Ill. [Illinois], attended school within the year. [Ira J. Sewell]
31) J. G Sewell 17 yrs old Male, a farm hand, born in Ill. [Illinois], attended school within the year. [James G. Sewell]
32) L. M Sewell 14 yrs old Female, born in Ill. [Illinois], attended school within the year. [Lydia M. Sewell]
33) S. T Sewell 12 yrs old Male, born in Ill. [Illinois], attended school within the year. [This one should be Thomas I. Sewell]
34) S [L] D Sewell 10 yrs old Male, born in Ill. [Illinois], attended school within the year. [This one should be Lorenzo D. Sewell]
35) E G Sewell 8 yrs old Male, born in Mich. [Michigan], attended school within the year. [ This one I'm not sure but it could be Electa Jerusah except Electa is a female in other records]
36) E M Sewell 4 yrs old Female, born in Mich. [Michigan], attended school within the year. [This is Emily uncertain of middle name]
37) H L Sewell 2 yrs old Female, born in Mich. [Michigan]. [This is Harriet L. Sewell]

"U.S. Census Population Schedule, 1860" index, FamilySearch; (, from United States Census Office. 8th Census. Digital images of originals housed at the National Archives, Washington, D.C.. FHL microfilm. Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. Film Number: 803545, DGS Number: 4232698, Image Number: 00105, NARA Number: M653 Note: The actual image can be viewed at (fees may apply).

Name: Joseph Sewell
Gender: Male
Burial Date:
Burial Place:
Death Date: 03 Nov 1899
Death Place: Grayling, Crawford, Michigan
Age: 84
Birth Date: 1815
Birthplace: England
Occupation: None
Race: White
Marital Status: Widowed
Spouse's Name:
Father's Name:
Father's Birthplace:
Mother's Name:
Mother's Birthplace:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: B53287-2
System Origin: Michigan-EASy
Source Film Number: 965633
Reference Number: v 1 p 30
Collection: Michigan Deaths and Burials, 1800-1995. Name: Joseph Sewell.
Family Search Record Search on

I am pretty sure this is the correct Joseph Sewell but have not seen an actual document. The family had moved to Crawford county and I have information that Eliza Ann died 3 Feb 1892 but not proven yet.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sorting Saturday - Sharon Haas

My sorting through all my images that I have downloaded from various sites is progressing nicely. In my Michigan Marriages I have them put all in folders by counties, then I added folders by years. So far I have 61 counties that I have marriage records in. I am working on Kent County records right now. Some of the folders may only have 1 image in them but I did it this way for easy adding of additional images later. I only have 28 more to do and I will have them all linked back up.

When I save the images I try to put the year, county, volume, page, the Digital Folder Number. and the collection it is from. This has really helped me out relinking them back to the right family marriages.

I have to say I wish I would have done this from the very beginning. I like make others that I have read their blogs have been in the process of reorganizing our data, images, etc. In the beginning, when I first started doing my research, I downloaded gedcoms from other peoples family trees that had same names and possible relatives in them. I didn't understand how to write sources. To that I still am not real good at but am improving thanks to Geoff Rasmussen through the Webinars, and others as I read the their blogs.

I try to catch as many Webinars as I can from different ones that put them on and usually have to go back and rewatch them. Thank Goodness for the ones that are put in Legacy's archives for a little while. So slowly but steadily I'm getting my reorganizing done.

When I get through my marriages I may have to go back and do a little more organizing in Births, Census, and Deaths folders. I'm not sure yet. I'm trying to think of the future when I have added so many new images so that I don't have to go back and redo again.

Last night I listened to Thomas and gang on Geneabloggers Blog Radio program. I try to catch all of them and am trying to download as many as I can to listen to again. I even chatted alittle bit on the chat screen. It took me a few minutes to get there but finally made it and didn't lose my internet connection this time. They were having way to much fun at Jamboree.

I have added a lot of new friends to my facebook and a lot of new blogs. I so enjoy reading them. I'm a bit behind in reading some of them, but am able to catch a few that gets posted thru facebook.

I added my family tree on my blog but don't know if I did it right and tried to add it to my facebook but the app doesn't work when I click on it. I still don't know how to use family tree very well. I can only use the free features because I cannot afford to buy the membership.

I also have a Wiki Tree on my blog. Haven't added to it in a while and haven't put it in a page yet. I have been mostly concentrating on my Legacy Family Tree. Someday when I get everything fixed up on it I may publish it.

I have been keeping up with Randy Seaver and his blog posts. I enjoy his reviews and his posts among others. Keep those blogs and Webinars coming, so I can continue learning and smiling. I wanted to do a post on Surname Saturday but can't figure out who I want to write about so I will leave that for another time. Maybe next Saturday.

I'm getting anxious for my visit to my Mom's in July. I talked to her this morning and told her I planned to bring my camera and take her to the cemeteries and get pictures of the headstones of our families. My brother-in-law made a flower holder for my Step-dad's grave and she hasn't seen it yet so I hope the flowers my Sis put in it are still looking nice when I take Mom there. I told her depending on how well she has done on her sorting and getting all her pictures, newspaper clippings and everything done, we maybe able to do some visiting with Walt's Sisters. His one Sister Evelyn doesn't live all that far from Flint Memorial Cemetery and that maybe his Sister Bonnie could meet us at Eve's and we would be able to visit both of them.

Back to my Marriage Folders. Happy Blogging Everyone. Can't wait to read all the Blogs about the Jamboree.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Great Great Aunt Mary Harriet Sewell Eseman

Earlier today I posted my aunt Mary Sewell's picture on Facebook for The Face of Genealogy. Well here is a little bit of information about her.

She was born as Mary H. Sewell on May 17, 1879 in Locke, Ingham, Michigan, United States to Ira Joseph Sewell and Lucinda Josephine Botsford.

I obtained this information from in Michigan Births, 1867-1902, Film Number 2320568, Digital Folder Number 4207671, Image Number 537, Reference Number: Item 3, p 27, rn 3897

On Oct 5, 1904 she married Frederick Eseman in Frederic, Crawford, Michigan, United States.

Family Search, Michigan Marriages, 1868-1925 ("Michigan Marriages, 1868-1925." images, Family Search from Michigan Secretary of State, Michigan Department of Vital Records, Lansing, Michigan and various county archives throughout Michigan. FHL microfilm Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, Film Number: 2342667, Digital Folder Number: 4208675, Image Number 57, Reference Number: v 1 p 545 rn 25. Groom's Name: Fred Eseman.

Fred is showing as residing in Royal Oak, Michigan and Mary is residing in Pere Cheney, Michigan.
Fred passed away Jun 2, 1940. (I don't have this cited yet.)

I never knew her married name growing up. It wasn't until a few months ago that I found this out from my Mom. I always thought she was my Uncle Ed Cross's wife. But she was his sister-in-law. And I believe Uncle Ed was living in her house in Mt. Morris, Michigan. I will be able to find out more of this information when I get down to my Mom's in July. (Can't wait).

I remember a little bit about visiting their house when I was young and she had flowers all over the place inside and outside. This picture was taken outside her house in August, 1960. 

I remember one time when they came to visit us I was just learning how to sew. I was sitting out in the front yard on the slab and I came in to have my mom or grandma put a knot in my thread. I forget the comment she made but it was probably along the lines of you don't know how or something like that. Aunt Mary had a dry sense of humor. Her and my Step-Dad got along just fine, since they both had that same dry sense of humor. 

Aunt Mary passed away Oct 2, 1961. I believe in Mt. Morris, Genesee, Michigan, United States.

I will hopefully be finding out alot more about this member of my family and be posting more about her.

This is The Face of Genealogy

Arnold M. Pember
Christine Pember Evans

She has took up where her father left off.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Special Olympics - Michigan

I would just like to congratulate all the participants and Thank all the Volunteers for this years 2011 Summer Games in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  And Thanks to all the parents, family members and friends who have brought the participants to this great event. Also the Sponsors of the event. I better Thank all the people who came to watch also.

I wish I could have been there to watch. My niece Miss Tonya McQueen from Columbiaville, Michigan participated in Region 13 E-Lapeer. She finished 3rd place in her swimming event. 

Great Job everyone. I have really been enjoying all the pictures that have been posted on their Facebook page.

Friday, June 3, 2011

I have been busy

I have been a busy girl this past week. I have been searching for my Great Grandma Christina Sauer's marriage to my Great Grandpa Matelon Pember. I know they had to have married sometime after Jan. 30, 1906 and by Aug. 30, 1907. She died on Aug. 30, 1907 after giving birth to my Grandpa Arnold M. Pember on Aug. 30, 1907 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA. She had previously married Walter E. Rose in Jackson, Jackson, Michigan, USA on Jan. 30, 1906.

I have searched Indiana Marriages and Ohio Marriages using Christina Sauer and Christina Rose and M. Pember, Matelon Pember with no luck. The Michigan Marriage counties I have searched so far are Jackson, Wayne, Oakland, Hillsdale, Ingham, and Washtenaw. I'm kind of at a lose for now until more records are released as to where to look. I'm almost considering looking in Canada. Her Death Certificate has her as Christina Pember, married, Father Wm Sauer, mother unknown.

I haven't found a birth certificate yet for my Grandpa Pember. I believe my mom told me his Dad stole him from the hospital and changed his name from Joseph to Arnold.

I also have been working on linking up more of my images to my Legacy Family Tree Program. I really need to get myself organizing a bit better. I'm getting there slow but steady.

I have to erase my My Passport hard drive again because I oopsed and let windows backup there again. This time I think I will just copy everything I want on My Passport hard drive individually and then only plug it in when I have added new things that I want to save on it.

So far I have only used Dropbox to save my blogs and blog templates. I haven't decided what else I want to send there. I'll do more probably after I get my organizing done. I have way to much in photos, documents, and my data from Legacy Family Tree to use it because I can't afford to buy extra space. But I think once I get my organizing done I will be putting my favorites in there so that if I'm at another location I will be able to log in to my account and use my favorites. I haven't figured out if I can automatically have my blog posts go directly to Dropbox or not.

I am still learning all the features of my Legacy Family Tree Program. I just had been entering what I found and if I remembered would put a source citation in (not in the proper way). So I have some fixing to do there. I just love when Geoff has a flash webinar. So far he has had one on Death Certificate and Marriage Record. It is fun to watch him doing it. I would be way to nervous and really goof up. And listening to suggestions and questions is really helpful. Sometimes he drops little hints about what is coming up in Legacy. I was so glad when I finally had saved up enough money to get the Deluxe Edition. It's only $29.95 but when you are on a limited budget it can take along time to save up. But even with just the Standard Edition you can do a lot.

I was finally able to see DearMyrtle's webinar on TweetDeck and learned how to use it. I also set up the Internet Genealogy Toolbar. (Forgot the address but Randy Seaver I believe had it suggested on his blog). I don't know if I set it up completely right or not but I can use it pretty good. But my yahoo!mail can't be used thru it because I have instead of

I've had to switch to Mozilla Firefox as my browser because after Adobe Flashplayer updated my Internet Explorer 9 I was not able to view images on or I installed and uninstalled it 3 or 4 times. Then I looked at the help on Footnote and finally installed Firefox and reinstalled Adobe Flashplayer and was able to view images with no problems.

I want to put a facebook badge on my blog but don't know which one to use. I have a twitter one on my blog but it only puts my tweets on here. Haven't figured out how to get all the tweets rolling that I get. I'm not sure what gadget to use for that. What can I say I'm a slow learner.

My niece Tonya McQueen is in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan (June 2-4) for Special Olympics. I don't know what region she is in but she is from Columbiaville, Lapeer, Michigan, USA. She has been practicing swimming and I know that is one event she will be participating in. Wish I could watch her. Mt. Pleasant is about 90 minutes or 2 hrs. from me. Sometime our local news has a small segment on but have never seen her cute face on there yet.

Well I better sign off for now and get something done today!!!!