Friday, June 3, 2011

I have been busy

I have been a busy girl this past week. I have been searching for my Great Grandma Christina Sauer's marriage to my Great Grandpa Matelon Pember. I know they had to have married sometime after Jan. 30, 1906 and by Aug. 30, 1907. She died on Aug. 30, 1907 after giving birth to my Grandpa Arnold M. Pember on Aug. 30, 1907 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA. She had previously married Walter E. Rose in Jackson, Jackson, Michigan, USA on Jan. 30, 1906.

I have searched Indiana Marriages and Ohio Marriages using Christina Sauer and Christina Rose and M. Pember, Matelon Pember with no luck. The Michigan Marriage counties I have searched so far are Jackson, Wayne, Oakland, Hillsdale, Ingham, and Washtenaw. I'm kind of at a lose for now until more records are released as to where to look. I'm almost considering looking in Canada. Her Death Certificate has her as Christina Pember, married, Father Wm Sauer, mother unknown.

I haven't found a birth certificate yet for my Grandpa Pember. I believe my mom told me his Dad stole him from the hospital and changed his name from Joseph to Arnold.

I also have been working on linking up more of my images to my Legacy Family Tree Program. I really need to get myself organizing a bit better. I'm getting there slow but steady.

I have to erase my My Passport hard drive again because I oopsed and let windows backup there again. This time I think I will just copy everything I want on My Passport hard drive individually and then only plug it in when I have added new things that I want to save on it.

So far I have only used Dropbox to save my blogs and blog templates. I haven't decided what else I want to send there. I'll do more probably after I get my organizing done. I have way to much in photos, documents, and my data from Legacy Family Tree to use it because I can't afford to buy extra space. But I think once I get my organizing done I will be putting my favorites in there so that if I'm at another location I will be able to log in to my account and use my favorites. I haven't figured out if I can automatically have my blog posts go directly to Dropbox or not.

I am still learning all the features of my Legacy Family Tree Program. I just had been entering what I found and if I remembered would put a source citation in (not in the proper way). So I have some fixing to do there. I just love when Geoff has a flash webinar. So far he has had one on Death Certificate and Marriage Record. It is fun to watch him doing it. I would be way to nervous and really goof up. And listening to suggestions and questions is really helpful. Sometimes he drops little hints about what is coming up in Legacy. I was so glad when I finally had saved up enough money to get the Deluxe Edition. It's only $29.95 but when you are on a limited budget it can take along time to save up. But even with just the Standard Edition you can do a lot.

I was finally able to see DearMyrtle's webinar on TweetDeck and learned how to use it. I also set up the Internet Genealogy Toolbar. (Forgot the address but Randy Seaver I believe had it suggested on his blog). I don't know if I set it up completely right or not but I can use it pretty good. But my yahoo!mail can't be used thru it because I have instead of

I've had to switch to Mozilla Firefox as my browser because after Adobe Flashplayer updated my Internet Explorer 9 I was not able to view images on or I installed and uninstalled it 3 or 4 times. Then I looked at the help on Footnote and finally installed Firefox and reinstalled Adobe Flashplayer and was able to view images with no problems.

I want to put a facebook badge on my blog but don't know which one to use. I have a twitter one on my blog but it only puts my tweets on here. Haven't figured out how to get all the tweets rolling that I get. I'm not sure what gadget to use for that. What can I say I'm a slow learner.

My niece Tonya McQueen is in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan (June 2-4) for Special Olympics. I don't know what region she is in but she is from Columbiaville, Lapeer, Michigan, USA. She has been practicing swimming and I know that is one event she will be participating in. Wish I could watch her. Mt. Pleasant is about 90 minutes or 2 hrs. from me. Sometime our local news has a small segment on but have never seen her cute face on there yet.

Well I better sign off for now and get something done today!!!!

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