Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sorting Saturday - Sharon Haas

My sorting through all my images that I have downloaded from various sites is progressing nicely. In my Michigan Marriages I have them put all in folders by counties, then I added folders by years. So far I have 61 counties that I have marriage records in. I am working on Kent County records right now. Some of the folders may only have 1 image in them but I did it this way for easy adding of additional images later. I only have 28 more to do and I will have them all linked back up.

When I save the images I try to put the year, county, volume, page, the Digital Folder Number. and the collection it is from. This has really helped me out relinking them back to the right family marriages.

I have to say I wish I would have done this from the very beginning. I like make others that I have read their blogs have been in the process of reorganizing our data, images, etc. In the beginning, when I first started doing my research, I downloaded gedcoms from other peoples family trees that had same names and possible relatives in them. I didn't understand how to write sources. To that I still am not real good at but am improving thanks to Geoff Rasmussen through the Webinars, and others as I read the their blogs.

I try to catch as many Webinars as I can from different ones that put them on and usually have to go back and rewatch them. Thank Goodness for the ones that are put in Legacy's archives for a little while. So slowly but steadily I'm getting my reorganizing done.

When I get through my marriages I may have to go back and do a little more organizing in Births, Census, and Deaths folders. I'm not sure yet. I'm trying to think of the future when I have added so many new images so that I don't have to go back and redo again.

Last night I listened to Thomas and gang on Geneabloggers Blog Radio program. I try to catch all of them and am trying to download as many as I can to listen to again. I even chatted alittle bit on the chat screen. It took me a few minutes to get there but finally made it and didn't lose my internet connection this time. They were having way to much fun at Jamboree.

I have added a lot of new friends to my facebook and a lot of new blogs. I so enjoy reading them. I'm a bit behind in reading some of them, but am able to catch a few that gets posted thru facebook.

I added my family tree on my blog but don't know if I did it right and tried to add it to my facebook but the app doesn't work when I click on it. I still don't know how to use family tree very well. I can only use the free features because I cannot afford to buy the membership.

I also have a Wiki Tree on my blog. Haven't added to it in a while and haven't put it in a page yet. I have been mostly concentrating on my Legacy Family Tree. Someday when I get everything fixed up on it I may publish it.

I have been keeping up with Randy Seaver and his blog posts. I enjoy his reviews and his posts among others. Keep those blogs and Webinars coming, so I can continue learning and smiling. I wanted to do a post on Surname Saturday but can't figure out who I want to write about so I will leave that for another time. Maybe next Saturday.

I'm getting anxious for my visit to my Mom's in July. I talked to her this morning and told her I planned to bring my camera and take her to the cemeteries and get pictures of the headstones of our families. My brother-in-law made a flower holder for my Step-dad's grave and she hasn't seen it yet so I hope the flowers my Sis put in it are still looking nice when I take Mom there. I told her depending on how well she has done on her sorting and getting all her pictures, newspaper clippings and everything done, we maybe able to do some visiting with Walt's Sisters. His one Sister Evelyn doesn't live all that far from Flint Memorial Cemetery and that maybe his Sister Bonnie could meet us at Eve's and we would be able to visit both of them.

Back to my Marriage Folders. Happy Blogging Everyone. Can't wait to read all the Blogs about the Jamboree.

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