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52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Weather

Week 18. Weather. Do you have any memorable weather memories from your childhood? How did your family dope and pass the time with adverse weather? When faced with bad weather in the present day, what do you do when you're stuck at home?

I don't remember to many spring or summer memorable weather. I can only remember one time of mom having us kids go down in the basement because of a possible tornado. We had most of our bad weather in the winter time. Sometimes being snowed in for a week or so.

We didn't have our so called up to the minute weather bulletins (which sometimes they don't tell us now about all the time until it's already went through). We didn't have the news like we have now. Only real important news would break into our regular programming.

We would get the rain, wind and someone was always complaining about the weather in some way or other. Much like we do today.

If the power went out we had candles or lanterns we would light and we always tried to have a flashlight handy with good batteries. When it was nasty out we would  play games, or work jigsaw puzzles. Not much different than when it wasn't nasty out.

The one thing I really hated was when I was babysitting and had to walk home in the nasty weather especially if it was lightning out or foggy and windy. I would usually have been watching a scary movie, so my mind would play tricks on me. Especially if we were having the same kind of weather that was in the movie.

I still don't like lightning and when it is close by I move away from the windows as much as possible, and I don't run water. I unplug the computer and router when it is thundering and lightning. I'm not as bad as I used to be. I used to unplug the TV, VCR, Microwave and then after I got a computer it would get unplugged also. We always have a flashlight handy, I have my soy candles in different places around the house and we have our oil lamps. I always try to make sure we have some water in jugs and alot of times I make the coffee for morning when it's nasty just in case of power outage. That way we will have coffee in the morning just have to warm it up.

I think because of all the modern technology we have today we hear more about all the adverse weather all over the world more than we did when we were kids.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all that have been affected by the weather. I have family and friends all over the globe.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Alot of truth in this Email I received.

CORRECT? RE: 3 American Hikers Now In The NEWS
























Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sorting Saturday

I have been very busy this week cleaning up my C: hard drive. I have so many duplicate pictures. I have been moving pictures to flashstick for now just in case I mess up in my reorganizing. I'm hoping somewhere along the way I will run across my 1930 Census records that I am very sure I downloaded.

I have been moving birthrecords that are in book form from into Births Folder and then by state. But as I have been moving them I have looked at the image, found the person it was downloaded for and after moving it to Birth Folder I have linked it to that person. Sometimes I have found other family members on the same image so I have been able to link them up also instead of having another copy of the image in their folder. It's slow work but will be so worth it when I am done.

I called my Mom yesterday for several reasons. She is going to be 83 in July so I try to call her at least every week or at least every couple of weeks to make sure she is doing OK. Plus it was Good Friday and I wished her Happy Easter just in case I don't talk to her Easter Day. Plus I gave her a HUGE JOB!!!

I told her I plan on coming down around her birthday and staying a week or two. I will be bringing my computer and scanner with me so I can scan all the pictures, obituaries, newspaper clippings, letters and any other things she has on our families and I will be putting it into my Legacy Family Tree program as I go along with all the information she has on everything. It is going to be a big job but will really fill in my family pictures and information. And with me having my computer with me and putting it in as I go along with her help, it will be done and maybe she will put them in her photo albums, etc. as we go along.

Her HUGE JOB going thru all her drawers, boxes, closets, (she has everything everywhere), and sorting everything out. I told her put away your books, puzzles and crafts because I will only be able to stay a week or two not years, so I need to have you put all your pictures in one area, get all the obituaries, newspaper clippings, etc. all in one area. Don't worry about trying to put them in your photo albums or scrap books just get them all together. As she is doing this she will hopefully anyways, put all her recipes in one place and get rid of all of her old junk mail, and have everything else all sorted in each of there respective spots.

I'll bet she will find things she has been looking for years for and it will give us a chance to spend some time together and work on our genealogy together. I'm pretty sure she has several copies of the same recipes. Maybe we will get them organized for her while we're at it. Who knows.

I gave her strict orders not to go down in the basement though. She has a tendency to lose her balance and I don't want her falling. Especially since she lives alone.

I am so looking forward to this trip. I hate the drive it's only 3 and 1/2 hrs. But I hate driving anymore and I will be by myself. So radio will be turned on listening to my country music.

Well I got to get busy getting organized and making room for all this new info I will be adding. EXCITED!!!! EXCITED!!! SO EXCITED!!!

Happy Sorting Saturday Everyone. Happy Easter in case I don't post tomorrow.

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Pets

Week 17. Pets. Did you have any pets as a child? If so, what types and what were their names. Do you have pets now? Describe them as well. If you did not have pets, you can discuss those of neighbors or other family members.

Growing up I can never remember a time when we didn't have pets. Our pets was usually dogs but we also had some cats and some fish. One time we had a turtle, but I don't think it lasted long.

My Mom had a dog before I was born that she called Whitey (My Great Grandpa Sewell called him Spottie). He was a black and white Spaniel. He lived to be about 17 years old before Mom had the neighbors take him to the vet and have him put down. That was a very sad day. He got around like a young pup. He would jump the picket fence and him and the neighbors dog would visit but when another dog in the neighborhood came around a dog fight would break out. Whitey had a big lump on his neck and Mom was always afraid of one of the dogs breaking it open when they were fighting. I wish I had a picture of him. Maybe someday I will get down to Mom's and take my computer and scanner and scan her pictures. Then I will have some pictures of him and I think his mom.

Whitey was always where we were and watched out for us girls. It was funny when we moved to our Pleasant Lake house Whitey never came upstairs. He always slept at the foot of Mom and Dad's bed or in the doorway to their bedroom. When he got older he was losing his eyesight and was getting real hard of hearing. Dad tripped over him several times during the night because Whitey didn't hear him.

Our family pets started enlarging when my Dad's stepbrother Uncle Lew gave us their Toy Manchester Fox Terrier. Her name was Duchess. She went everywhere with Dad. She would ride on the top of the front seat right behind Dad and her stubby tail would poke him in the neck. Sometimes on long trips up north to Grandma Gibbs at Sand Lake by Tawas she would lay in the seat beside him. We would get to this certain road and she seemed to know. She would start watching for Grandma's house.

Then we added another pet. She was a beagle. Black and brown with markings on her face like Mickey Mouse. Her name was Bootsie. She was about 5 or 6 years old when we got her. She slept upstairs with us girls.

One night us girls were upstairs in our bedroom and we heard a noise on the steps. Everybody was in bed. We were a little scared, but we finally gathered up enough courage to see who or what was making that noise. It was Whitey!!! After 11 or 12 years of never coming upstairs here he was making his way up the stairs. All because of this new dog we had. He wanted to see what was going on up there. It took him a long time but he made it. Getting down stairs in the morning was a long process as well. From then on he would lay at the foot of the stairs right next to the bathroom door. Needless to say he got tripped over many times.

Then about 1966 our neighbors had a cat and she had a batch of kittens. And we were going down and taking care of their animals while they were gone. Well we fell in love with this one kitten. Us girls finally talked Dad into letting us have her. He always said he hated cats. But... to be continued. She was black and white and was part Siamese. We named her Mitzie. What a treasure she was. She became a great hunter of mice and ground squirrels. She would spend alot of time outside and when she wanted in she learned to go down in the basement (we had to leave the door open a little bit for her) and then she would climb up the clothes shute which was in the bathroom and scratch and meow at the clothes shute door. She did that most of the time because the dogs had a habit of barking and she would run off.

Our neighbors on the left side of us (Mr. and Mrs. Hastedt) were amazed at her hunting the ground squirrels and ground moles that kept getting in the flowerbeds.

Then we decided to add a fish aquarium and fish. We got a couple kinds of guppies, Angel Fish, Kissing Fish, Bumble Bee Fish, Black Mollies, and I can't remember the rest. The poor bumble bee fish came up missing so we figured one of the other kinds had to have ate him. Eventually the only ones we had left were guppies. Mitzie would lay ontop of the aquarium for hours watching them fish. Sometimes she would swat the outside of the tank but she never offered to try to get in the tank (course it had a hood and light). Even when we would clean the tank out and change the water she just watched the fish.

Well Mitzie had a batch of kittens. (Dad was going to have her fixed but the vet said to let her have a batch of kittens first because sometime they would get mean if you didn't let them have a batch of kittens.) She blessed us with 5 of them little critters. Smokey, Snoopy, Tina, Snowball and Tinker. Now we have a zoo or circus. Not sure which.

After a time we found homes for some of the kittens. But we kept Smokey and Snoopy.

I was the only one that could do anything with Mitzie. When I was crocheting or knitting she was always on my lap or beside me playing with the yarn until she got tired. We had a cat fight every morning. To hear her you would of thought I would have been ripped to pieces but no marks on me anywhere. If I ignored her she would swat me. Every morning she layed on the kitchen cupboard by the doorway coming from the dining room and as I went by she would swat me till I had the cat fight with her then she would be set for the day.

One time Mitzie got distemper and we had take her to the vet. We didn't have a cat carrier so we had to put her in a pillowcase. What fun that was. She did not like riding in vehicles. She loved laying in the back window of the car getting the sun but as soon as the car started she was off like a flash of lightning.

We were not supposed to feed the animals at the table. But every once in a while during the meal Dad's hand would go under the table and then he would reach down and give the cats some all the while saying how he hated cats. If you looked around Dad's chair the animals were all around him, waiting anxiously. But they never begged or barked just sat patiently waiting.

I think it was in my freshman year in high school in 1966 when Mom had Whitey put down. We came home from school and mom was crying. She had had his mother too. I was born in 1952 and he was born before me. Dad wasn't able to take him so Mrs. Reid our neighbor took him. She even had a hard time. He'd been in the neighborhood since 1955 and played with her dog and her kids too.

Then my Mom and Dad got a Toy Poodle. They called him Taco.

Smokey got hit by a car. Snoopy had scratched Bootsie's eye when they were playing so Dad had taken him to the vet to get declawed and he had some kind of reaction to the anesthetic and died on the operating table. Bootsie died after I left home in 1970 sometime but before I returned home in October of 1973. Duchess died in 1974 she had some of the same health problems my Dad did. That was hard telling him because he was in the hospital not doing so well himself.

I had bought some property in Otter Lake, Michigan and had moved my trailed on there. (More about this story sometime in the future). In 1978 I think it was Mom sold the house at the lake and was moving in with me. I was having surgery for my gallbladder so I had to move as much as I could for her before I went in to have the surgery. So I moved Mitzie. We borrowed a crate from one of our friends and it took me an hour or better to get her in that thing. She pretty much screamed at me the whole time it took me to get her to the trailer (about 20 minutes). She settled in pretty well at the trailer. Then one day she came up missing. My neighbor across the street hated cats and I have a feeling while she was out hunting he shot her because I had heard shotting before she didn't come home. At first we thought maybe she was trying to go back to the house at the lake, so we took several different routes and looked for her and went back to the house and the people that bought it said they would keep an eye out for her. But she never showed up.

I'm not sure what happened to Taco.

After leaving home and starting my own family we have had alot of pets. I'll have to tell the stories about them some other time. But right now we just have Maggie. She's a story in herself. She has many, many friends. Maybe I will do her story in the near future.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ten Things to Do Today for a Greener Tomorrow from Microsoft

Some great ideas from Microsoft for helping to reduce our energy consumption.

Ten Things to Do Today for a Greener Tomorrow

They have recycle tips, plus much more. Check it out and help save some energy.

Timelines what are they and how are used.

I decided as a note to myself to put this link in from FamilySearch as to what timelines are and how they can help when doing my family tree.

FamilySearch It's About Timelines

Maybe someone else may find it to be helpful information. I know it will be helpful to me as I work on my family tree to put things in order of what I already know and what I still need to find out.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sorting Saturday

Slowly but steadily I'm getting my computer organized. I have sorted thru all the Marriage records that I have on one flash stick and organized the records by surnames and today I will be putting them into my Legacy Family Tree program. I probably won't get them all linked back up today. In fact I know I won't. I think I have all my birth, death, census records already in there by surname.

I kept thinking I know I have more Census Records somewhere. Well I think I have them on other flash sticks. Pretty sure I do cause I seem to remember 1 flash stick wouldn't hold any more data it was full. That's probably where some were that I couldn't find the links. Goofy Me!!! I had done them before the larger flash sticks came out. My goal is to delete my passport drive (which scares me a little bit, because that's where my computer does backups to at the moment) and then put all the info I have onto it.

A little scared to erase the passport drive (or empty it or whatever you want to call it) because I'm not sure about where to do my computer system backups. I have way to much stuff. I have probably duplicated some of a few times. But Dropbox only let's me do 2gb so I have to be careful what I send there. Can't afford to buy more space. So right now I use it mainly for my blogging backups.

I so look forward to reading all you folks blogs. I pick up new ideas on how others have their blogs set up, how they organize, find new resources and other information. I really enjoy reading the stories and looking at the pictures. Who knows I may find some of my relatives yet.

Well I'm off to organizing. You all have a great day. 

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Restaurants Week 16

What was your favorite local restaurant as a child? Where was it located, and what was your favorite meal? Did you know the staff personally? What is your favorite restaurant now?

We didn't go out to eat alot when I was a kid. My Dad usually worked 7 days a week on 2nd shift, but once in a while he did get a day off. We didn't always go to the same restaurant, but there was a little restaurant in Otter Lake, Michigan that we would go to sometimes. It was by the railroad tracks. I don't remember the name of it. It was an old building.

The meals there were fantastic big servings. My Mom usually had Deep Fried Shrimp and French Fries, Dad had various meals and us 2 girls was always Hamburger and French Fries. That was what us girls ordered almost all the time. Dad would always say "Don't you kids ever get tired of Hamburger and French Fries?" Us girls would respond with "No!!!"

You could order any kind of potatoes with your meal and you always got salad. We usually picked coleslaw. But whatever meal you got it usually involved getting a doggie bag to take home.

We didn't know the staff personally but they were always very friendly.

I wonder if that restaurant is still there? That was back in 1960's I think.

Today we rarely go out to eat with the economy the way it is. But we do like Country Buffet, unfortunately they closed the one we used to stop at in Muskeon when we would go to Sam's Club or some of the other stores in that area. Now when we are on the road traveling it's usually a quick stop at Burger King. That's a rare occasion now, but used to be almost every Friday evening and Sunday afternoon when we were doing craft shows around our great state of Michigan.

Can't wait to read about some of your great restaurant stories.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

Today I received a message from Hillary over at Telling Their Tale: The Stories of My Ancestors letting me know she was awarding my blog with the "One Lovely Blog Award."

When I started my blog I was not expecting to receive any awards. I was doing it to write about my family which includes my husband's family. We are a bunch of nuts but family is important to us. And then I decided to not only write about our families but just thoughts I had, and things I wanted to accomplish. I find writing things down somewhere helps me to make some progress on what I need and want to do.
I am very honored to accept this award! Thanks Hillary!!! Please be sure to stop by Hillary's blog!!

Here is a list of some of the blogs that I follow that I would like to nominate for this Award:

I follow many blogs so it was a hard choice for me to make because there are so many that really deserve this award. So as I was reading blogs today and found one that I wanted to receive the Award I linked it to my post.

Some may have some tips or research sites in them that may help you out. Most I just enjoy reading and some I can relate what I'm doing to get myself organized better.

So if you haven't stopped by their blogs yet please do.

Thanks for stopping by and you all have a great day or night whichever the case may be.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sorting Saturday

I have been busy sorting things on my hard drive and in my Legacy Family Tree Program. I did get most of my pictures in Legacy sorted by Surnames. Some I left with the family I had them with at least for now.

I added Folders in the surname folders for Birth Records, Death Records, Census Records, Marriage Records. Now I plan to look in my original folders I have for Birth Records, Death Records, Census Records, Marriage Records, etc. and copy them to the corresponding folder for that surname. It will make it a lot easier to locate the record to link them up I think (or at least I hope).

I still need to do the linking of pictures. But I think I might try organizing them by numbering the ones for each person that I have more than a few photos so they will be in order.

I did get on site and looked up a few things.

I definitely have a lot of work ahead of me, but I think it will be well worth it in the long run, especially when it comes to linking them to the individuals.

I think though when I am searching on the internet for birth, death, marriage etc. I will still save it first in my folders I have on hard drive and then copy them to my Legacy folders. I know it may sound strange but I'm so afraid of losing stuff. Miss Forgetful here.

The other day I copied all my favorites to my hard drive. But then I added some new ones and I think I forgot to add them to my hard drive file. Wish I could figure out how to have it go directly to my computer file. I tried copy and paste the link but when I went to my computer file it wasn't able to paste. That's why I put them in my favorites. The send to didn't come up in menu when I was trying to do it either. Sometimes computer is not my friend!!!

Well I better go get busy sorting. Hope you all have a really great day!!! The sun is out here in Fountain. Later tonight we have some nasty weather continuing thru tomorrow.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring is here and so is the spring weather

Well Spring is here finally!!! So is the thunder and lightning. Yesterday we had Thunder Snow and Lightning. Put a damper on my organizing.

Whenever it thunder and lightnings out we unplug the router, the computers and the printer. Can't afford to take a chance of getting struck by lightning. Even with surge protectors I read lightning can still get through.

So yesterday I got no sorting done. Did get my posts out I wanted to do. But I did get more photos in album so at least I didn't waste time and did get something accomplished.

Did watch the Academy of Country Music Awards last night. They were great. I especially loved Darius Rucker's performance "Music from the Heart" with a group of talented musicians with developmental disabilities. Tears were flowing from everywhere. Thank you Darius and all the ones that performed with him. You Guys ROCKED!!!!!

Sometime this morning after 5 we lost power because all the clocks were flashing and had to reset them after my eyes woke up some so I could see. Had to reset TV to converter cause I just a white screen. No Satellite, Dish or Cable TV here. We get our local CBS 9&10, Fox 32, and 3 PBS stations which 2 are the same and one has Create on it. Can't pick up ABC or NBC stations.

Won't be long and we can quit having to have the woodstove going.

Spring break is over for Poor Walt. But he said only 5 weeks left and summer break begins.

Well I think I might just go work on trying to reorganize my Legacy Family Tree.

Thanks you all for reading!!!!

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Spring


We lived in a private subdivison on Pleasant Lake a private lake. It was not far from where my Step-Dad was born and raised in Elba.

The road to get down into the subdivision was a dirt road. You know how dirt roads get when all the snow melts and you get the spring rain. Some sections of the road would be really bumpy and other sections would be soupy with ruts. Well the guys at the lake had bought a big road grader one year. They called it Big Bertha. There was usually Shorty Reid, Joe Elston and Dallas Haynes that would run the road grader on their weekend off from working. (Usually this would happen once a month and usually a few beers to go along with it). They would get it smoothed out and it would be nice for a while. Thanks Guys!!!

Mom would be out working in her flower beds. She had Lily of the Valley planted along one fence line. They always smelled so nice. The back of the house faced the road and the front of the house faced the lake. On the side of the house between us and the German Family (Hastedt's) next door she had flowers all along the fence between us. Some Roses were in there, and right up next to the house by the bathroom window she had a white lilac bush. That always smelled good when it bloomed. Then at the corner of the house on the front side she had a Peony bush. She was always checking it for blooms. Going down to lake on the German Neighbor side she had terrace she had put in with rocks between each terrace and she phlox and I don't remember what all but it sure was pretty. On the other side of the front of the house was the entrance coming out from the basement and terraces below it. The top of the entrance to the basement was a cement slab with gravel like stones like in it. (We would sunbathe on it and sometime picnic there). Along that fence line was wild grapes we never ate them but we would have to chop down dead stuff and clear runners that might have took hold in the ground.

Dad would put the dock in when the water warmed up some. Then us girls would rake the bottom of the lake on both sides to the property lines to get weeds out. There must have been a hundred or more steps to get down to the lake. They were not deep steps narrow between each so we usually would skip every other one. Then Dad would put our aluminum rowboat in the lake next to the dock and throw the anchor up on the bank. We weren't allowed to take the boat out in the water but sometimes we would sit in it and fish.

Dad had put a seawall in on the bottom terrace and that's where us girls would sometime stand and fish. Sometimes we'd fish from the dock, but most of the time it would be from the seawall. Dad had taught us girls how to bait our hooks and we would go out and collect worms and nitecrawlers. When mom was working in her flower beds sometimes she find some and put them in a container for us. Thanks Mom!!!! 

If we wanted to fish we had to get our own bait and hook our own worm on the end of our cane poles. That's what Dad had bought for my sister and I. We had to take fish off the hook but mom would clean them and fry them babies up. Never caught real big fish from the seawall but they were good eating.

I don't ever remember Dad fishing with us just showing us the ropes.

Those were the good ole days!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sorting Saturday is here: What a Job I have!!!!!!

Well the other day I by accidental coughing while trying to put things in Dropbox managed to put my whole Legacy program in Dropbox. Not at all what I wanted to do. I had to delete it out of there because it put me way over my 2GB limit and I can't afford to pay anything for extra storage. Along with the fact that my Legacy Family Tree program no longer worked that was on my hard drive. I was devastated. Well I got it all fixed back up on my hard drive and made a copy of it on a new 16 GB flash stick. It used 12.7GB on my flash stick.

I have been reading DearMyrtle's blog on organizing and Linda McCauley blog on organizing her system. Also looking at Thomas MacEntee's backing up your data.

I sure do have alot of sorting to do.

When I first set my Legacy Family Tree up I just starting putting in my info I had on family members and downloaded GEDCOM's then I started adding pictures. Unfortunately I had not put them in any specific order and was having Legacy get them from my C drive's Pictures. At that time I had an old desktop. Believe you me I am not a computer geek. I don't understand alot of the technical terms and how to use alot of features. Give me a good detailed set of instructions with pictures that show me what to do explained out in plain English and I'm good to go.

Then I bought a used IBM Thinkpad Laptop. I finally got it to hookup to internet (of which it now doesn't and doesn't have enough room on it because all the microsoft windows programs and IBM Thinkpad programs gobbled it up and I apparently removed the wrong program). I was using it to do my genealogy and alot more. But I had my Legacy program on a flash stick which I installed on the flashstick and my desktop shortcut for Legacy would take me right to my flash stick. So I got the brilliant idea of putting all my pictures of family that I had scanned or was on our camera disc in my Legacy program. So I first went one way doing it but then another way. Got everything linking up finally. But I didn't have much in there and I found myself copying the same image to another person that was say on the same Census Page Image. So now I had the same image in maybe 7 or 8 different members of my families photos in my Legacy program. Then I have Marriage records, birth records, death records which are mostly in book form pages which sometimes have 2 or 3 members of the same family on the same page.

So I thought instead of having the picture in that person's photo file I would make a folder for Birth Records, Death Records, Marriage Records, etc. and then I subfoldered them by State. The Census Records I have US Census>1850>State for instance. I literally have tons of images that I downloaded and put in folders in this fashion. But I still have a lot that I haven't gotten linked back up properly.

After studying the way the aforementioned people's way of doing things, (Which is kinda the way I started doing things at one point, but then couldn't remember who belonged to what family), I have been mulling over how is the best way for me. I'm still trying to figure that out.

I can't afford to make hardcopies of all the images and put in binders per family surname (which I really like Myrt's idea but space and funds limit me) but I mainly have photos of family not original documents anyway.

All of my searching on the internet has to be from free sites. So that limits me on alot on obtaining copies of originals.

Ok here is my one thought, I will use my Pember family as an example remember most is in photo format (jpg):
Legacy Program
          Birth Records (if more than 1 member of family on same page)
          Census Records
          Death Records (if more than 1 member of family on same page)
          Family Bible
          Land Records, Deeds etc
          Marriage Records (if more than 1 member of family on same page)
          Newspaper Records  
          Pember Adelbert E                   This is possibly James M's brother
          Pember Arnold M 1907-1989
          Pember Christine L 1928-       This is Arnold M's Daughter
          Pember James M 1878-1928   This is Arnold M's Father
          Pember James R                       This is possibly Adelbert E's son
          Birth Records (if more than 1 member of family on same page)
          Census Records
          Death Records (if more than 1 member of family on same page)
          Family Bible
          Land Records, Deeds etc
          Marriage Records (if more than 1 member of family on same page)
          Newspaper Records
          Sewell Joseph
          Sewell Ira J
          Sewell Alfred
          Sewell Isley
          Sewell Lucinda J 1901-1982 ( I have 2 original copies of her birth certificate one with her soc sec no on )  

If I keep all birth records, census records, etc for each surname in folder pertaining to record type for that surname instead of putting them in the individual persons folder I only need to look in that folder to see if I have something in there that pertains to person I am looking for.

You see my problem arises when a female marries. Should I make another surname folder with Birth, Census, Death, Marriages, etc. under that surname to follow this female. Example: My Grandma is Lucinda J Sewell. She first married Frank Reid, they divorced but she had 3 or 4 kids by him, then she married Arnold M. Pember my Grandpa, they divorced she had 1 child my mother Christine L Pember by him, then she married LeRoy Gibbs whom died before her and she never remarried. She's an easy one since I am quite familiar with her but some of the other families I'm not that familiar with and I'm afraid I might miss them when I am documenting and looking for say a census.

I have alot of females with only a first name to go by and alot of unknown as mother. I have them as Mrs. So and So instead of just first name or unknown. But Legacy says I shouldn't put Mrs. in.

Guess I'll have to work on that as I come to them. Maybe someday I'll find a marriage record that gives the female's last name.

My conclusion at least for now is to go thru and do as I have outlined above. Going to be very time consuming but I think it will be the best way. But the best way I can figure to do this is to Move all the Census files, Birth Record Files, Marriage Record Files, etc out of Legacy and onto C: Hard Drive. Look at each record and put them into appropriate Census Record  folder or birth record etc for say my Pember Family as I look at each record, etc until I get them back to appropriate family. It may not be freeing up room in Legacy but maybe make it alot easier if I oops again to relink them, especially since I have alot of them already missing links.

Any suggestions, thoughts would be greatly appreciated. If you happen to see a picture someone has posted of me with hair sticking up in the air like I got electrocuted, pulling my hair out or bald think nothing of it. Or if you don't see my mug on facebook it's because I am staring aimlessly at the computer screen wondering where that just went and searching for it.

Oh maybe I should make a list of what I have decided to do, otherwise I might forget.

Oh by the way I am much more organized than my dear mother. She is not at all organized, she has had almost 83 years (well knock off a few years for when she was a toddler) to collect, and stuff wherever and whatever EVERY WHERE!!!! I spent almost all of December 2009 with her and emptied out drawers in just one room and some tops of furniture in another and reorganized somewhat. Putting all of cards (ones to send to people) in 1 drawer, put all her genealogy like things in 1 cabinet sorting out obituaries, news clippings etc. She has pictures in drawers everywhere and cards and letters from people some family everywhere. Got alot of them together in one or 2 places. I have no idea how many bags of junk mail I burned. Anyways I set her up with boxes for her to sort stuff into from 6 more big boxes of stuff I had taken out of drawers (pictures, recipes, junk mail, newspaper clippings, jewelry, you name it) that I found in them. They are still there still ungone thru and resorted into the smaller boxes that she needed to go thru herself. She spends hours, days and months looking for something because she just stuck it someplace instead of where it belongs.

I have tried since I was a kid to keep things somewhat organized now I need to get that somewhat, ORGANIZED!!!!

Happy Sorting Saturday Everybody.

Our Weekly Shopping Trips

My mom didn't drive when us kids were young so we had to wait until Dad got up to go to town and do the weekly shopping.

We always went shopping on Saturday Morning after Dad got up. He worked 2nd shift so he would get up about 10 AM, have 1 or 2 cups of coffee and we were off to town. We banked and did all our shopping in Davison, Michigan. Dad would stop at the Davison Bank and cash his check. (Usually once a month he would get us girls a silver dollar.) Then he would drive us to the A & P store. That's where mom did her grocery shopping. He would park in the A & P parking lot and walk over to the Davison Hotel (the local bar) and he would have a beer or two, visiting with his friends and sometimes some of his family would be there, while mom did her shopping.

Most of the time us 2 girls would go in with mom and then when she would be in the checkout line one or both of us would run and tell Dad mom was in checkout. He would finish up his beer and then come back to the car. Depending on how long it took her sometimes he would send us back and tell mom to come over to the Hotel. See we had to be back home by a certain time so Dad could get some lunch and mom had to pack his lunch for him to go to work. He worked most of the time 7 days a week 12 hrs a day.

Always the boy who bagged up the groceries would bring them out and put them in the car for mom. Back then you didn't have to lock everything up in the trunk and lock the doors on the car.

I remember one Saturday morning while mom was in the checkout line, the line was quite long and she was way back, a man was smoking a cigar. Mom passed out on the floor. My sister ran over to the hotel and got Dad. Boy we were scared. Dad got mom out to the car and then went back in to pay for the groceries. Back then you could smoke in the store. I don't remember seeing ash trays anywhere so they must have put them out on the floor. My Dad smoked but it was something about the cigar that bothered mom.