Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring is here and so is the spring weather

Well Spring is here finally!!! So is the thunder and lightning. Yesterday we had Thunder Snow and Lightning. Put a damper on my organizing.

Whenever it thunder and lightnings out we unplug the router, the computers and the printer. Can't afford to take a chance of getting struck by lightning. Even with surge protectors I read lightning can still get through.

So yesterday I got no sorting done. Did get my posts out I wanted to do. But I did get more photos in album so at least I didn't waste time and did get something accomplished.

Did watch the Academy of Country Music Awards last night. They were great. I especially loved Darius Rucker's performance "Music from the Heart" with a group of talented musicians with developmental disabilities. Tears were flowing from everywhere. Thank you Darius and all the ones that performed with him. You Guys ROCKED!!!!!

Sometime this morning after 5 we lost power because all the clocks were flashing and had to reset them after my eyes woke up some so I could see. Had to reset TV to converter cause I just a white screen. No Satellite, Dish or Cable TV here. We get our local CBS 9&10, Fox 32, and 3 PBS stations which 2 are the same and one has Create on it. Can't pick up ABC or NBC stations.

Won't be long and we can quit having to have the woodstove going.

Spring break is over for Poor Walt. But he said only 5 weeks left and summer break begins.

Well I think I might just go work on trying to reorganize my Legacy Family Tree.

Thanks you all for reading!!!!

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