Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sorting Saturday

Slowly but steadily I'm getting my computer organized. I have sorted thru all the Marriage records that I have on one flash stick and organized the records by surnames and today I will be putting them into my Legacy Family Tree program. I probably won't get them all linked back up today. In fact I know I won't. I think I have all my birth, death, census records already in there by surname.

I kept thinking I know I have more Census Records somewhere. Well I think I have them on other flash sticks. Pretty sure I do cause I seem to remember 1 flash stick wouldn't hold any more data it was full. That's probably where some were that I couldn't find the links. Goofy Me!!! I had done them before the larger flash sticks came out. My goal is to delete my passport drive (which scares me a little bit, because that's where my computer does backups to at the moment) and then put all the info I have onto it.

A little scared to erase the passport drive (or empty it or whatever you want to call it) because I'm not sure about where to do my computer system backups. I have way to much stuff. I have probably duplicated some of a few times. But Dropbox only let's me do 2gb so I have to be careful what I send there. Can't afford to buy more space. So right now I use it mainly for my blogging backups.

I so look forward to reading all you folks blogs. I pick up new ideas on how others have their blogs set up, how they organize, find new resources and other information. I really enjoy reading the stories and looking at the pictures. Who knows I may find some of my relatives yet.

Well I'm off to organizing. You all have a great day. 


  1. now has a free backup for documents. It holds up to 5gb of music and/or pictures/documents. I've been slowly backing my pictures up to it....not sure 5gb is enough room because I have like 10,000 .jpeg or .tiff files. (there is more storage available through amazon but it costs)

  2. I bought a separate external hard drive for my files and every few weeks I back my tree up on that too. I also keep my tree on tribal pages set as private so that if I am away from home I can always access it if doing research while away.

  3. Yes organising is always a slow job but it is so worthwhile when you are finished and everything is easily accessible.

    Google also has extra storage free.
    I did buy the extra from Dropbox as I am able to use it for my work as well.
    I also have a 1TB external drive as a network backup as well as two 320 GB WD drives.


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