Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sorting Saturday

I have been busy sorting things on my hard drive and in my Legacy Family Tree Program. I did get most of my pictures in Legacy sorted by Surnames. Some I left with the family I had them with at least for now.

I added Folders in the surname folders for Birth Records, Death Records, Census Records, Marriage Records. Now I plan to look in my original folders I have for Birth Records, Death Records, Census Records, Marriage Records, etc. and copy them to the corresponding folder for that surname. It will make it a lot easier to locate the record to link them up I think (or at least I hope).

I still need to do the linking of pictures. But I think I might try organizing them by numbering the ones for each person that I have more than a few photos so they will be in order.

I did get on site and looked up a few things.

I definitely have a lot of work ahead of me, but I think it will be well worth it in the long run, especially when it comes to linking them to the individuals.

I think though when I am searching on the internet for birth, death, marriage etc. I will still save it first in my folders I have on hard drive and then copy them to my Legacy folders. I know it may sound strange but I'm so afraid of losing stuff. Miss Forgetful here.

The other day I copied all my favorites to my hard drive. But then I added some new ones and I think I forgot to add them to my hard drive file. Wish I could figure out how to have it go directly to my computer file. I tried copy and paste the link but when I went to my computer file it wasn't able to paste. That's why I put them in my favorites. The send to didn't come up in menu when I was trying to do it either. Sometimes computer is not my friend!!!

Well I better go get busy sorting. Hope you all have a really great day!!! The sun is out here in Fountain. Later tonight we have some nasty weather continuing thru tomorrow.

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