Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sorting Saturday

I have been very busy this week cleaning up my C: hard drive. I have so many duplicate pictures. I have been moving pictures to flashstick for now just in case I mess up in my reorganizing. I'm hoping somewhere along the way I will run across my 1930 Census records that I am very sure I downloaded.

I have been moving birthrecords that are in book form from into Births Folder and then by state. But as I have been moving them I have looked at the image, found the person it was downloaded for and after moving it to Birth Folder I have linked it to that person. Sometimes I have found other family members on the same image so I have been able to link them up also instead of having another copy of the image in their folder. It's slow work but will be so worth it when I am done.

I called my Mom yesterday for several reasons. She is going to be 83 in July so I try to call her at least every week or at least every couple of weeks to make sure she is doing OK. Plus it was Good Friday and I wished her Happy Easter just in case I don't talk to her Easter Day. Plus I gave her a HUGE JOB!!!

I told her I plan on coming down around her birthday and staying a week or two. I will be bringing my computer and scanner with me so I can scan all the pictures, obituaries, newspaper clippings, letters and any other things she has on our families and I will be putting it into my Legacy Family Tree program as I go along with all the information she has on everything. It is going to be a big job but will really fill in my family pictures and information. And with me having my computer with me and putting it in as I go along with her help, it will be done and maybe she will put them in her photo albums, etc. as we go along.

Her HUGE JOB going thru all her drawers, boxes, closets, (she has everything everywhere), and sorting everything out. I told her put away your books, puzzles and crafts because I will only be able to stay a week or two not years, so I need to have you put all your pictures in one area, get all the obituaries, newspaper clippings, etc. all in one area. Don't worry about trying to put them in your photo albums or scrap books just get them all together. As she is doing this she will hopefully anyways, put all her recipes in one place and get rid of all of her old junk mail, and have everything else all sorted in each of there respective spots.

I'll bet she will find things she has been looking for years for and it will give us a chance to spend some time together and work on our genealogy together. I'm pretty sure she has several copies of the same recipes. Maybe we will get them organized for her while we're at it. Who knows.

I gave her strict orders not to go down in the basement though. She has a tendency to lose her balance and I don't want her falling. Especially since she lives alone.

I am so looking forward to this trip. I hate the drive it's only 3 and 1/2 hrs. But I hate driving anymore and I will be by myself. So radio will be turned on listening to my country music.

Well I got to get busy getting organized and making room for all this new info I will be adding. EXCITED!!!! EXCITED!!! SO EXCITED!!!

Happy Sorting Saturday Everyone. Happy Easter in case I don't post tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a great time! I love catching up with my father and swapping finds or information since he has boxes of his old genealogy work in the basement. I even got my mother recently to start questioning my grandmother more before she forgets the long-gone people (my grandmother's 85).

    Just curious, how do you "link" files together on your hard drive? Are these files that are in different folders?


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