Thursday, December 1, 2011

Worked a little on Google+ profile

Yesterday I watched a Webinar that Dan Lynch presented on Google+. I have been using Google+ for a  little while but not like I use Facebook.

As always the Webinar was very informative. I tried to take notes but couldn't write fast enough so hopefully I will remember to go and watch the Webinar again while it is in the archives.

One of the things Dan covered was Your Profile and how important it is. The one thing he talked about was the Introduction and what you could do with it. So tonight I did a little bit of work there.

I won't go into much here tonight. Like I said I really need to go and watch it again. I know I missed parts because Maggie Mae had to go out and I had to check the wood stove, and grab a cup of coffee. Just little things like that.

Oh yea I signed I for the Webinar tomorrow on the Flip scanner. I don't have one, would love one, maybe I will win one (If it is one of the door prizes).

Well until next time.