Thursday, January 19, 2012


Thirty years ago today our son Benjamin Fredric Haas went to join the angels in heaven.

I am not sad!! I see him as running through fields of wildflowers. Stopping once in a while to smell them.
Benjamin Fredric Haas Celebrating his Christmas at Grandpa and Grandma Herrick's in Atlanta, Michigan. Either at Thanksgiving time or Christmas of 1981. This is one of the last pictures we have of him.
 He died of SIDS. I don't know if they will ever really know what causes it. But at least he was in no pain or did not suffer. It was a very sad time for Walt, Jesse, David, myself and Walt's Mom and Step-Dad. But knowing that he did not suffer was such a comfort to us. Hard to understand why God chose to take him but I have heard that sometimes God does this when he sees something he doesn't want someone to experience.

He was always a very happy little boy. I called him my little angel so many times and now he is my little angel in heaven.

You are always in our hearts and thoughts. Someday we will all be joining you up there in heaven!!!