Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Great Great Aunt Mary Harriet Sewell Eseman

Earlier today I posted my aunt Mary Sewell's picture on Facebook for The Face of Genealogy. Well here is a little bit of information about her.

She was born as Mary H. Sewell on May 17, 1879 in Locke, Ingham, Michigan, United States to Ira Joseph Sewell and Lucinda Josephine Botsford.

I obtained this information from in Michigan Births, 1867-1902, Film Number 2320568, Digital Folder Number 4207671, Image Number 537, Reference Number: Item 3, p 27, rn 3897

On Oct 5, 1904 she married Frederick Eseman in Frederic, Crawford, Michigan, United States.

Family Search, Michigan Marriages, 1868-1925 ("Michigan Marriages, 1868-1925." images, Family Search from Michigan Secretary of State, Michigan Department of Vital Records, Lansing, Michigan and various county archives throughout Michigan. FHL microfilm Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, Film Number: 2342667, Digital Folder Number: 4208675, Image Number 57, Reference Number: v 1 p 545 rn 25. Groom's Name: Fred Eseman.

Fred is showing as residing in Royal Oak, Michigan and Mary is residing in Pere Cheney, Michigan.
Fred passed away Jun 2, 1940. (I don't have this cited yet.)

I never knew her married name growing up. It wasn't until a few months ago that I found this out from my Mom. I always thought she was my Uncle Ed Cross's wife. But she was his sister-in-law. And I believe Uncle Ed was living in her house in Mt. Morris, Michigan. I will be able to find out more of this information when I get down to my Mom's in July. (Can't wait).

I remember a little bit about visiting their house when I was young and she had flowers all over the place inside and outside. This picture was taken outside her house in August, 1960. 

I remember one time when they came to visit us I was just learning how to sew. I was sitting out in the front yard on the slab and I came in to have my mom or grandma put a knot in my thread. I forget the comment she made but it was probably along the lines of you don't know how or something like that. Aunt Mary had a dry sense of humor. Her and my Step-Dad got along just fine, since they both had that same dry sense of humor. 

Aunt Mary passed away Oct 2, 1961. I believe in Mt. Morris, Genesee, Michigan, United States.

I will hopefully be finding out alot more about this member of my family and be posting more about her.


  1. Through my geneology research I happen across a grave in Pere Cheney Cemetery, Beaver Creek township, Crawford county Michigan with the name Elizabeth A. Sewell D) 3 Feb 1892 age 73. maybe a possible relative of yours. There are not many graves in this cemetery, and very few headstones remain. The town itself is no longer, you can find more info on google about the town and it's very few residence. Less then 20 in 1917.

  2. Ira Joseph Sewell is my great great grandfather. He had a son named Leamon, who had a son named Charles, who had a son named Harley, who had me Matthew. Ira was the son of Joseph and Elizabeth, the one mentioned above, who died in Pere Cheney. Joseph came here when he was very young fron England, early 1800s


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