Sunday, June 26, 2011

What have I been doing?

I haven't written on my blog for a while. Been very busy little girl though. What have I been doing?

  1. I added a few family members to my WikiTree. Invited someone to my WikiTree.
  2. I added family members for Haas, Hare, and Klein to Walt's side of the family on My Family Tree on Invited someone to that tree. 
  3. I have been getting my 1860 Census Record Image linked back up to my Legacy Family Tree program. I'm in Michigan now and have only 4 or 5 more counties to do there. If I remember right Wayne County has several Images. Plus as I have been linking them back up I have put citations in a little better. It's still not perfect because I don't have the film no. on them. Will have to back to the site I got them from to get the film no. But for all the family members I have been putting the residence, occupation and if attending school, for the date that is on the census page. So that gives me a little running history of where they were at and what they might have been doing. Thank GOODNESS for watching the Webinars and learning how to use the clipboard to copy the information to each one the easy way. Thanks Geoff Rasmussen for that tip among other tips he showed on the Webinars. I still get confused on doing some of citations using the source writer, eventually I learn that better. 
  4. Listen to some of the Geneablogger Radio programs. (With a few minor glitches of losing internet connection and then losing sound and having to restart a few times.) Even used the chat a little bit more than saying Hi or Nite all and a few Thanks to Thomas and guest speakers. Heck I may get this all down pat sooner or later. 
  5. Read a few blogs everyday. 
  6. I have been keeping up with my emails both on gmail and yahoo!mail.
  7. Went ahead and updated to the new Yahoo!Mail. Then finally figured out why I couldn't see my who was chatting while I was in Yahoo!Mail. I have to sign in thru my Yahoo account can't do it thru google account. 
  8. Updated to Mozilla Firefox 5.0. Was a little scared about doing that after reading some of the posts. But everything seems to be working fine. So far so Good!!!
  9. Reading Facebook posts. 
  10. Added a few new friends. 
What will I be doing?

  1. Continuing my Census linking up.
  2. Reading Facebook posts.
  3. Reading Emails.
  4. Reading a few blogs.
  5. Trying to keep my self under control. I'm getting so anxious to get over to my Mom's and start scanning pictures and having her help me identifying family and put the information in my Legacy Family Tree. And visiting cemeteries and taking pictures of headstones of our family. And visiting with Walt's sisters and families. Visiting with my Sis and her family. Won't have any internet so won't be able to post, write on blog, or look up information. But I will survive.
  6. I have to do some re-organizing in the house. Got to move furniture around and make some room in spare room for some of the furniture. Carrying the old (only had it since Jan. 1990) sofabed out. Take the good mattress off of it and figure out where to store it. Bring the new (good used) couch and loveseat in the house. (Thanks Jesse and Amy). I am probably going to have to part (or maybe take to the basement) my favorite rocking chair. Maggie Mae is sitting in it in the one picture of her. I'm not sure how old it is but it was used when I got it. I cleaned and house sitted for that chair when I was pregnant for David back in 1975. Would like to get it reupholstered some day and new springs put in it.
 Will probably post again before I leave. Then look out!! I plan to do a lot of blogging upon my return from my visit. 

Well, that's it for now. Happy blogging, my friends.

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  1. So what did you do in your spare time? :-) Yes, you really have been busy, it will be great to see those pictures when you get them scanned. Have a great summer! - Kate


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