Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Possible Marriage License for Joseph Sewell

I think I might have found the marriage license for my Great-Great-Great Grandpa Joseph Sewell and Eliza Ann Dowd. Unfortunately I cannot view the license to see anymore information. I found it usually one of the free sites on my relatively curious toolbar.

It was listed under the free United States (US & individual States) -   Illinois Marriage, 1763-1900. I looked for Joseph Sewell and entered the date of marriage.

Joseph Sewell Marriage License Information

 Groom           Bride                Date               Vol./Page     License No.  County

SEWELL, JOSEPHSEELEY, ELIZA A01/25/1841      00A/0078    00000795     TAZEWELL

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  1. The Illinois State Archives has an online database of marriage licenses. It looks like this information came from their data.



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