Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Haas Family Tree is now on WikiTree

I added a page for The Haas Family Tree.

I wanted to put it in the tree format but it kept going to my other format of tree. I don't want to have to setup a new one Family or whatever I would have to do to get it into the tree style. It's been a little bit of a trial and error. When I was adding new family members their locations (for my not living family members) were not showing up on The Haas Family Tree. Oh well, I started losing patience and quit for now.

So for now Benjamin, Walt, his Dad and Mom, and 2 sisters I think are on there. It seems my patience today is not good. Hopefully it will improve because I usually have a lot of Patience. Poor George isn't on there yet. Guess maybe I better go back and get him added. I can't even imagine what problems I may have adding the additional grandparents. Hopefully I will get this down pat. I have several to add.

I have Marriage records and Census records for some. Not sure how to add them or if I can.

I have to have my Legacy Family Tree open at the same time so I can get the information I from there to add on my WikiTree. I didn't upload a Gedcom because I have so much fixing to do and didn't want to enter wrong information. Oh well Onward and Upward.

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