Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm so lost about setting up my blog.

I get confused so easy with all this new technology (not new to others, but me). I get lost. I really want to get this up and running properly. Looking at other blogs they look so nice. I'm the type of person that needs baby step instructions with pictures that show me in detail what I'm supposed to do.

It must be because I'm a simple person. I don't know all this computer lingo. At least I know how to turn it on. Can't afford to pay someone to help me.

I have Windows Internet Explorer I think version 8. I have always used Yahoo as my search place. At one time I did use Google Chrome but kept getting errors and my poor computer seemed to be laboring so hard. But it seems everyone is using Google. So now I have my blog on google I have a yahoo mail account and a gmail account.

I have 8 homepages that open when I click to go on internet. Facebook, Yahoo, Yahoo mail, Geni, Genealogy Wise, FamilySearch, Twitter, and Blogger (my blogs) site. Some I use my yahoo mail address (because when I got my computer and got hooked up with internet that was how I set my email up) the sites I had to have a google account I set up gmail email account). My Facebook account has both email addresses but I use my yahoo email address to sign in but I have all activity go to gmail. (Am I confusing my system?) I have Geni, Genealogy Wise, FamilySearch and Twitter all with my Yahoo email address for signing in. I also use Legacy Family Tree software which I have yahoo email acct setup and Skype Yahoo email.

When trying to setup my blog I may have confused it when adding gadgets. Yesterday I downloaded the dropbox application and I am pretty sure I set up my account with yahoo email address.

I watched the Blogging for beginners (both presentations) from DearMYRTLE. The second one I watched live and then watched it from Legacy archives. There were a couple of people that set up their blogs while webinar was going on (I don't know how they did that). But I'm still lost. I tried to change my template and it won't bring up other than black screen when I hit template design screen is divided with little white box says live under it. but can't do anything. When I set up my blog I just simple template. Figuring I could come back later and change the design.

Oh by the way I get messages on some sites popblocker blocked click here to see. I don't remember if I clicked to see anything there when I set my blog up or not.

Is there anyway I can use 2 windows (one to view the instructions or a blog from ex. DearMYRTLE showing me what to do and have My blog open in the other window doing what is being explained) open at same time.

I want to set up the print friendly gadget, have comments that I can view, have my blog go to and post to facebook and would be nice to have it go to twitter and Genealogy Wise and Geni (not sure if I can have it go there or not).

Sorry if I have you confused. I'm not good at explaining things. I just want everything working right and would be nice to have it all work together. Any help I could get would be greatly appreciated.

I have alot of work on my Legacy Family Tree to get it ready for FamilySearch when we can access it thru Legacy. I'm not sure what all I have to fix to make it like it should be. I know I have to do my addresses and I have to take out all my Mrs. prefixes for wives. (Kinda confused on that if that is what the document says I got name from).

I have alot of genealogy I want to put on here and have it look nice, tell whatever I know about the person and if I have pictures or documents to include (like a birth certificate, marriage license or census record something like that).

I really need to learn how to make my sources better for Legacy I don't know how to write the source for say a 1930 US Census from or or Footenote. I have a lot of learning to do and some of the same census info came from all locations. And another question on this is if I have the image of the document that I downloaded can I include it for that person. And if I can do I have to make it private or can I keep it public.

Also need help with links. I know your supposed to put complete url address in but I can't always see the whole address. And in my Legacy Family Tree I didn't put url addresses in most of my sources just where I got it from if I remembered to source it.

I want to set this up so it looks professional and is understandable and easy.

Well I guess I have rambled on enough for now. Hope someone can sure help me out and get me unconfused.

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  1. Hi welcome to blogging. I am new to it too, just started one about a week ago and still learning.
    Not sure about legacy as I use Family tree maker but if you want to view 2 pages at the same time on blogger, go to your blog, then open a new window and go to the page on blogger you are getting help from...hope that is what you meant.
    Look forward to reading more :)


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