Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finding relationship to Kit (Christopher Houston) Carson

Clarabell Jane Carson was born September 1, 1861 believe to be in Bonham, Fannin, Texas USA. I have not proved this yet as where she was born. I have not found a record of birth as of yet, but have not been researching her for a while. I believe her father is William Green Carson and her mother Russella Isobella (Duston or Dustin).

William Green Carson born January 11, 1830 in Kentucky to John and Eleanor (Cox) Carson. William died Oct 1 1898.
John Carson born about 1806 in Kentucky to Lindsay and unknown Carson. Died July 26, 1835. Married in 1825 in Pulaski, Kentucky to Eleanor Cox born about 1807 in England whose father was John Cox.
The only information I have at the present is that Lindsay Carson was born about 1786 in Kentucky. Have not proved any of this information yet.

Kit (Christopher Houston) Carson was born Dec 24, 1809 in Madison County, Kentucky to Lindsey Carson who was born in 1754 and Rebecca Robinson. Different Lindsey Carson but did he have a brother or Uncle or Cousin that also had a son named Lindsey. This is what I need to discover.

Just another one of our family connections that I need to find. I have alot of tracking and documenting to do but that's part of the fun.

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