Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Maybe tonight I will finish getting blog site setup.

I need to add printer friendly to my site. Not sure what else I need and want. I want it looking nice and easy to use and find.

I am still trying to figure out this new Internet Explorer 9. Got as far as page 13 last night in the manual and was getting to tired to go any further. I kind like being able to click on site I have pinned to my taskbar but I don't know if having my yahoo mail pinned there will give me notifications when someone is using Yahoo Plus or whatever it is my one niece uses when she contacts me.

I'm trying to decide between keeping Yahoo as my homepage or I Google as my homepage. I already have 8 homepages which is my limit. Oh what to do!

I want to get some pages set up on my blog. I need to watch Blogging for Beginners #2 again. Sure wish I wasn't so dense. Pictures along with instructions go along way with me.

Still need to get all my stuff in my dropbox. Want to get it better organized before I do it. See what I really want to save and what I don't. I think I have things scattered all over between my flashsticks, my computer, my Legacy files. I like organization but I sure have a hard time getting everything organized. I think it's my inability to decide where to put it.

Oh what to do? Someday I may just everything working properly and easily. Good Luck to ME.

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