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Family Bible possibly of Mary Murphy McGahey

I have a Catholic Family Bible that my Grandpa Arnold M. Pember had in his possession. It is very large and has 2 metal straps that hook to the front cover. Very beautiful bible with gorgeous prints inside. I have not tried to take a picture of this Bible yet.

He stamped his name in different locations in the Bible and on the Presentation page he has stamped in once spot. It appears that someone has covered all the hand writing that was on this page with something like ink correction fluid or something.

This Bible was published by The National Publishing Co
Philadelphia, Pa.; Chicago, Ill.; St. Louis, Mo.; and Atlanta, GA.

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year, 1880, by J. R. Jones, In the Office of The Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year, 1882, by J. R. Jones, In the Office of The Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

on the Marriages is entered
                                                                 Toronto July 18th 1886 (This looked like1882 underneath)
Mary Murphy to John P. McGahey at St Michaels Place Toronto Ont By the Rev. Father Laurant (I am not sure if I have it spelled correctly, some of the writing is pretty tight together)

Mary Murphy           St Louis ( there is other writing underneath but can't make it out)
Michael Murphy          "
Wm Murphy                "
James Murphy          Newmarket (I think)   Jany? or May (Unsure which it definitely has a y) 1st 1859
Mary Murphy              "                                Aug 29th 1862
Edward Murphy           "                               Sept 21st 1864
Thos Murphy               "                                                1866
Joseph Murphy            "                                Mar 10th 1868 (this had been 20th but was corrected)
Roy Edward McGahey born June 17th 1888 at 902 Litchfield St Bay City Died Sept 1888
Clara Mary McGahey born Saturday March 19th 1892

Died at Newmarket Oct 1st 1881 aged 70 Thos Murphy born in Killarney? Ireland
Catherine Boa widow of the late Thos Murphy died in Newmarket Sept 23rd 1888 aged 65. Born in Dungarven? Ireland.
Children of the above Died in St Louis about 1860.
Mary Murphy aged 7 Thos Murphy aged 8 Michael Murphy aged 5
and at Newmarket Wm Murphy aged 5
James Murphy of Detroit Wed July 26th, 1916
Edward Murphy at Detroit Sun Feb 25th, 1923


James Murphy died at Detroit July 26th 1916 Wed. Buried Friday 28th at St Patrick's Cemetery Bay City 59 yrs
Edward Murphy died Sun evening at 9 oclock Feb 25th 1923 at St. Joseph's hospital Detroit. Buried Saturday March 3d at St Patrick's Cemetery Bay City age 59.
Mary McGahey, died at 12.05 Sunday morning Oct 30th 1927. Buried Nov 2nd age 65 yrs
John McGahey died Jan 11th 1928
Joseph Murphy died June 8th 1931 aged 64 yrs.

My Grandpa Pember always said some of his family came from Ireland and he was always hoping to make it there. I have not been able to make this connection to him yet. He didn't know alot about his family. Someday I hope to get his family found. But more on him later.

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  1. What an interesting possession and definately a family treasure. Regards,
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)


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