Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just added BlogTalkRadio

Wasn't sure which one I should put in soooo I put the button and Multi-player in. I was actually listen to the last one. It was pretty interesting.

I added the search engine to my site. That seems pretty good. Only was on there for a few minutes.

Haven't got my Dropbox all setup yet to do my backups. Still need to erase my passport drive and put my Legacy Family Tree data, pictures, etc. on it. I must quit procrastinating and get it done.

Had to rearrange where I had things plugged into my computer so I could use the USB extension on my Cradlepoint router to plug my Alltel USB internet card into it. Sure wish that they made all the USB devices the same size and that the computer manufacturers would put a little more space between ports. So far today I have not lost cradlepoint. Hope I just didn't jinx myself!!!!

I got a little indexing last night. First time I did any since they started to move to bigger computers, etc. I was able to do it with no problems. I only downloaded 1 batch to try it. Haven't run into any known relatives while indexing yet. But I do enjoy doing it plus it helps get more of it out there for someone else to use.

There is quite a bit of difference between indexing for FamilySearch and FamilySearch lets me put the highlights on the document I am indexing so I know I'm in right spot but I can't do that in or if I can haven't figured it out.

I just wish that when we are searching we could see all the actual documents. Last night while working on my Legacy Family Tree trying to see how Catherine Geddes might be related to Jannis Haas I did a search on for Geddes and Haas names in Canada Census records in Egremont. No images available and it doesn't list who was in household for most of the census records, doesn't give Family Id or Household ID or line Reference. Only information for that person. So I am having a hard time with relationship. I did find a family of Gedis that had a Catherine. Eventually maybe I will find the relationship. I was also looking in Ontario records for births, marriages, census along with canada births, marriages, etc. But then was getting to tired to concentrate.

Still looking for more information on my Grandpa Pember's family. His dad was married several times. My Grandpa's mother was Christina Sauer or Sauers and his father was Matelon James Pember. Can't find a marriage record for them or a birth record for Matelon or my Grandpa Arnold Matelon Pember. My mom told me that someone had told my Grandpa that his mother died shortly after giving birth to him and that he had been named Joseph I think she said and his Dad changed his name to Arnold and took him from the hospital. Eventually with all the new records going in all the time maybe I will finally find documents for them. My search continues.

Oh well enough for now. Must get busy doing something. I have a bunch of pictures to put in album that keeps staring at me. Been trying to organize them by person when possible.

Looks like fog is rolling in.

Back at a later time. Have a great evening everyone.

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  1. Sharon - your blog is looking great. You've done a lot with it in a short time. I can sure relate to your comment in this post about the USB ports...they make them so close together on the computer that only 2 out of 3 are useable at any given time. I finally bought me a USB Hub that has 3 ports on it, 1 on each of 3 sides, plug into one computer USB port and you have 3 ports to use...only problem with it is that it's on such a short cord that it has to sit right below the computer port. Only cost $15.


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