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Surname: Haas Updated.

Some Haas Family History From Jacob Haas down to US!!!!

I found an Isaac Haas who was married to a Fannie Newman (Neuman). They were both from Pennsylvania but were living in Canada when their children were born. They had several children one of which was a son Allen Haas. I believe that Isaac Haas is my husband's Great Great Grandpa. One of his Grandpa's came from Germany so I am trying to figure out who he is.

If this is the right link to his family Allen (also found spelled Allan) Haas married Anna Marie (other names I have found for her are Anna Mary, Anne, Mary Anne) Klein and they moved to Rust Township, Montmorency County, Michigan, USA where they settled down and raised their family.

Here's what I have so far for the Haas Family Line:

Jacob Haas was born Jul 28, 1802 in Pennsylvania. He is of Swiss descent. He arrived in Waterloo, Canada in 1827 from Deep Run, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He live with Christian Shantz where he rented a shop and made boots and shoes. A few years later he met Nancy Keller, the daughter of John and Magdalena (Shuh) Keller. After they were married they moved on the old "Keller Farm" (her father's farm) and Jacob took up farming and working at his shoemaking. They resided there until about 1848 when they moved on Daniel Burkholder's place, a few miles north east of Bloomingdale. From here they moved near Jacob Gole's farm, one mile north of Breslau, where Jacob died, May 31, 1863 in Waterloo Twp, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Jacob's wife Nancy Keller was born August 2, 1816 (in either Canada or under name Anna Keller in Pennsylvania, USA). After Jacob died she moved in with her son Isaac, who resided in Waterloo. She died December 22, 1865 in Waterloo Twp, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

[The name Anna Keller was in Magdalena's Family Group Sheet Family ID F2073]

 [A notation in Ezra E. Eby's book cited below has this information was given by Mrs. Dennis Devitt of Berlin - Nancy Keller, was born in 1817 ....They had a family of eight children, namely Magdalena who married John Heppler, Lydia who married John Ahruf, Henry who married Miss Derling, Isaac who married Fannie Neuman, Jacob, Mary who married John Wiegand, Nancy and Moses who married Anna Schmidt. please note I have not copied the notation as it was written but only used excerpts, trying not to duplicate information only stating differences.]

 (Ezra E. Eby, The Biographical History of Waterloo Township and other townships (Book - Vol I A Biographical History of Waterloo Township and other townships of the county : being a history of the early settlers and their descendants, mostly all of Pennsylvania Dutch origin..., Ezra E. Eby, (Berlin, Ontario, 1895))

I found the 1851 Canada Census in the Province of Canada West (Ontario), District of Waterloo County, District Number 38, Sub-District of Waterloo, Sub-District Number 360 Page Number 79 Document at Library and Archives Canada Film Number: C_11754 where it shows on:
Line 17 Jacob Haas, Male, Age 49, Estimated Birth Year 1802, Birthplace of Pennsylvania

1. Jacob Haas b. Jul 28, 1802 Pennsylvania, USA d. May 31, 1863 Waterloo Twp, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    Married Nancy Keller b. Aug 2, 1816 Canada d. Dec 22, 1865 Waterloo Twp, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
2-1. Magdalena Haas  b. Jan 30,1833 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada d. Jun 27, 1863 Wilmot Twp,   Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
     Married John Heppler b. May 8, 1834 in Baden, Germany d. Aug 5, 1903
          3-1. Catharine Heppler
          3-2. Nancy Heppler
          3-3. Martin Heppler b. Sep 4, 1862 Wilmot Twp, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
2-2. Abraham Haas
2-3. Lydia Haas
       Married John Orf or Ahruf
2-4. Henry Haas d. Nov 10, 1874 Canada
       Married Mary Garling or Derling
2-5. Isaac Haas b. Nov 1838 Ontario, Canada d. Feb 25, 1896 Egremont, Grey, Ontario, Canada
       Married Fannie Neuman or Newman (Veronica Newman) b. 1838 Pennsylvania, USA
            3-1 Allan (Allen) J Haas b. Sep 1863 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada d. aft Apr 14, 1930 Rust Twp, Montmorency County, Michigan USA
                Married Aug 13, 1885 Alpena, Alpena, Michigan, USA Mary Ann Klein b. Oct 30 1866 Ayton, Ontario, Canada (note other names found by are Ann Maria, Anna, Anna Maria, Anna Marie, Anna Mary, Mary, Mary Anne Klein)
                     4-1. Daniel Isaac Haas b. Jan 13 1887 Rust, Montmorency, Michigan USA d. Dec 25, 1956 Alpena, Alpena, Michigan, USA
                             Married Dec 12 1917 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan USA Effie M Hare b. Sep 6, 1889 Fredrick Twp, Crawford Co, Michigan, USA
                                  5-1. Daniel J Haas b. Jan 1, 1926 Hillman, Montmorency, Michigan USA d. Oct 23, 1983 Flint, Genesee, Michigan, USA
                                          Married Jan 24, 1948 Hillman, Montmorency, Michigan, USA Beatrice Rose Newton b. Jul 13, 1927 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, USA d. Mar 11, 2005 Battle Creek, Michigan, USA
                                              6-1. Bonnie Haas
                                                          7-1. Michelle Haas
                                                                  Married Anthony LaRock Divorced
                                                                        8-1. Anthony J. LaRock
                                                                        8-2. Kyle LaRock
                                                                        8-3. Elizabeth Haas
                                                      Married Donald Jones
                                              6-2. Evelyn Haas
                                                      Married Michael Hickey
                                                            7-1. Daniel W. Hickey
                                                            7-2. Canda Hickey
                                                                        8-1. Cora Rose Hickey
                                                                        8-2. Brea Hickey
                                                                        8-3. Jaya Hickey
                                                                    Married Apr 25, 2009 Joel Martin Lindke
                                              6-3. Walter Daniel Haas
                                                      Married Nov 27, 1982 Sharon Page Evans Clampitt
                                                            7-1. Benjamin Frederic Haas b. Apr 17, 1981 Lewiston, Montmorency, Michigan, USA d. Jan 19, 1982 Atlanta, Montmorency, Michigan, USA
                                              6-4. Barbara Jean Haas b. 1957 d. 1957
                                              6-5. George Haas
                                  5-2. Mary Sybil Haas b. 1922 Atlant, Montmorency, Michigan, USA d.
                                          Married Jun 5, 1948 Hillman, Montmorency, Michigan, USA Wilbur Pershing Manier b. 1919 Atlanta, Montmorency, Michigan, USA
                                               6-1. Joan Manier
                                               6-2. Jean Manier
                                  5-3. Albert Haas
                                          Married Lucille Rotolante
                                                6-1. Susan Haas
                                                6-2. Steven Haas
                                                6-3. Martin Haas
                                                6-4. Debbie Haas
                                                6-5. Kathy Haas
                     4-2. Susanna Haas b. Sep 2, 1888 Rust Twp, Montmorency, Michigan, USA
                             Married Jun 12, 1924 Cheboygan, Cheboygan, Michigan, USA Dougal Macmillan b. 1888 Renfrew, Ontario, Canada
                     4-3. Charles Albert Haas b. Sep 21, 1892 Rust, Montmorency, Michigan USA
                             Married Bet 1928 and 1929 Mae N. Kurtz b. Bet 1896 and 1897, Michigan, USA
                                   5-1. Elayne M Haas b. Aug 31, 1931 Hillman, Montmorency, Michigan, USA d. Jul 30, 2003 Cheboygan, Cheboygan, Michigan, USA
                                           Married 1962 Robert Morrison
                                                6-1. Kelly Morrison
                                                        Married Robert Feld
                                                              7-1. Lydia Feld
                                                              7-2. Bobby Feld
                                               6-2.  Kathryn Morrison
                     4-4. Walter A. Haas b. Aug 16, 1901 Rust Twp, Montmorency, Michigan, USA d. Aft apr 14, 1930
            3-2 Alfred Haas b. 1866 Ontario, Canada
                   Married Elizabeth Sine
                         4-1. Mary Jane Haas b. 1906 Egremont, Grey, Ontario, Canada d. Oct 1, 1915 Egremont, Grey, Ontario, Canada
            3-3 Adeline Haas b. 1866 Ontario, Canada
            3-4 Edward (Edwin) Haas b. Mar 1868 Ontario, Canada
                   Married Mar 24, 1897 Egremont Twp, Ontario, Canada Rachel Henderson b. 1874
                         4-1. Edna Haas b. 1900 Ontario, Canada
                         4-2. Alexander Haas b. 1902 Ontario, Canada
                         4-3. Isabell Haas b. 1909 Ontario, Canada
                         4-4. Allan Haas b. 1911 Ontario, Canada
            3-5 Susana Haas b. 1868 Ontario, Canada d. Oct 21, 1935 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
                   Married Albert Hart
            3-6 Mary Ann Haas b. 1873 Ontario, Canada
            3-7 William Henry Haas b. Oct 1878 Ontario, Canada
                   Married Jun 25, 1902 Egremont Twp, Ontario, Canada  Jane Henderson b. Sep 18 1877 Egremont Twp, Ontario, Canada d. Sep 19, 1910 Egremont, Grey, Ontario, Canada
                       4-1. Addie Haas b. Oct 1905, Ontario, Canada
                       4-2. Reobina Haas b. Dec 1907 Ontario, Canada
2-6. Jacob Haas b. 1840 d. 1868
2-7. Mary Haas b. Aug 28, 1842 Canada d. Jun 24, 1895 Canada
        Married John Wiegand
              3-1. Otto Wiegand
              3-2. Annie Wiegand
                      Married Solomon Brubacher
              3-3. Otto Wiegand
              3-4. Charles Wiegand
              3-5. Lovina Wiegand
              3-6. William Wiegand
              3-7. Female Wiegand
2-8. Nancy Haas b. Apr 14, 1844 Canada d. Oct 20, 1876 Canada
2-9. Moses Haas b. Aug 20, 1847 Canada
        Married Aug 31, 1873 Anna Schmidt
              3-1. Elizabeth Leoma Haas b. June 1, 1875 Canada d. Jan 12, 1876 Canada
              3-2. Ervine Haas b. Jan 4, 1877 Canada
              3-3. Elam Haas b. Nov 5, 1879 Canada
              3-4. Milton Haas b. May 18, 1883 Canada

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