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Surname Update : Haas, Jannis

Jannis Haas adopted daughter of Catherine Geddes or Feddes
On the 1911 Canada Census page 8, Province of Ontario, District 74 South Grey, Egremont Township line 5 Geddes, (Gedder or Feddes, Fedder) Catherine Female, Head,  b. January 1864, 67 yrs old born O (which I take as Ontario) is Head and on line 8 Haas Jannis Female, Adopted Daughter, b. February 1910 1 yr old, born O.

I am trying to find more information about Jannis Haas. Who here parents were, where they were from, if they died and that's why she was adopted. This Catherine also has 2 other adopted daughters listed on the census.

Jannis Haas (Who does she belong to?)  I found her on the following Census:

1911 Fifth Census of Canada in the Province of Ontario, District No. 74 South Grey, S. District No. 2 Enumeration District No. 3, in Egremont Township Page 8

Line  Dwelling Family Name                         Gender  Relation Marital Birth Month Yr Age Birthplace  5           85          87      Gedde(s, r) Cathrine   F          Head              ?     January  1886   47      O                                      or  Fedde(s,r)  
6                                   Ellis Charlote           F        adopted daughter S   April      1885   26       O  7                                   Fedde(s,r) Rolina     F        adopted daughter S   March    1899   12       O      8                                   Haas Jannis              F        adopted daughter S   Feburey 1910     1       O

Down a few lines on the same census there are some more Haas' and another Ellis 

14         87         89       Haas Edwin              M       Head                    M  March    1868   43      O  15                                 Haas Rachel             F         Wife                    M  April      1876   37      O  16                                 Haas Edna                F         Daughter             S   July        1900   10      O  17                                 Haas Alexander       M        Son                      S   May       1902     9      O  18                                 Haas Isabell             F         Daughter              S  June        1909     1      O  19                                 Haas Allan               M       Son                       S  Febuary   1911   7/12  O  20                                 Haas William           M       Brother                W October    1878   32     O  21                                 Haas Addie              F         Niece                   S  October    1905     5     O  22                                 Haas Reobina          F         Niece                   S  December 1907     3     O  23                                 Haas Adline            F          Sister                   S  October     1865   25    O  24                                 Ellis Jane                F          Head                   W December  1854  56     O   

Is it possible that Jannis could be the daughter of William since he has 2 young daughters or of Adline who is single? 

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  1. Hi Sharon being looking into this for you and I can't find a Jannis Haas birth record in the online databases. It may require more local work, the problem there being that her place of birth is only given as Ontario. Some of the Haas family on the same census sheet (Edwin and Rachel's family) have birth records available on Ancestry which is good but nothing for Jannis, also couldn't find any marriage records for her in the usual places I look for Canada so not sure where else to go with her. Sorry I can't be more help Ben (


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