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Isley D. and Agnes Bell Sewell's Golden Anniversay

Here is a newspaper clipping from their Golden Anniversary

Couple Has Arranged
Open House to Mark
Golden Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Isley D. Sewell

  Mr. and Mrs. Isley Dick Sewell,
1345   Jane Ave.,     will observe
their    golden   wedding  with an
open   house   from  1  to  4  P. M.
next Sunday at their home.
  They   were   married   June  12,
1898,  at  Grayling.    Mr.   Sewell
was  born  in  Locke, and his wife,
the  former   Agnes  B.  Graham, is
a native of Burr Oak.
  The  couple  has  lived   in  Flint
30  years.  Mr. Sewell  has  worked
as   an   automobile   repairman  and
was   employed   by   the   Pere  Mar-
quette  for  29  years.
  They  have  two   children,   Alfred
L., Detroit,   and   Mrs.   Lucinda   J.
Pember,   Flint,   and   seven   grand-

Here is a nice list of the guest that attended. It has two sides.

                                 "Golden Wedding Anniversary"           June 12, 1948
                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Isley D. Sewell
Alfred L. Sewell                                                                     Edward Slezials
Leta Sewell                                                                               Eva L. Felt
Gerald Reid                              Lucinda Pember                        Ruthie Sewell
Irene Townsend
Mary Francis Clark
E J Cross
Mary Eseman
Mr. & Mrs Roy Dildine
Mr & Mrs Harry Wright & Mary Jane
Lyle Clark           226 W Prospect  Jackson Mich.
Mrs Zelphia Berry  4
Stella Sokolowski  Lewis   & Stanley
Emma E Reid
Mr & Mrs Hugh Oaks,   1225 ave. B.
Mr & Mrs Wm L Francis
Mr & Mrs Harry Sewell  Bob & Jenny
Lloyd & Mildred Root
Lorena Stanfield
Mr and Mrs Ira Stanfield
Mr and Mrs Theodore MacKay, Chas, Janet
Lorena Stanfield
Mr & Mrs Albert Sewell    Lansing  Mich  

                                                                       Side 2

Mr & Mrs Harold C. Wilber & Family
  Mrs. Alfred L. Sewell
  Mr. Charles Novak
  Mr. & Mrs John Oliver
  Carl McQueen
  J C Marsh
  Mr & Mrs Peter W. Swartz

Agnes & Isley Sewell 50 years together today!!

Back Row L-R: Zelphia Berry holding her son, Helen Oliver holding Jacqueline Oliver, John Oliver, Stanley & Stella Sokolowski.
Middle Row L-R: Barbara Wilber, Harold Wilber, Isley Sewell, Agnes Sewell, Helen Wilber, Mae Reid.
Front Row L-R: Jacqueline Oliver?, Billy Berry, & ?.

Back Row L-R: Gladys & Harry Wright, ? , Mary Eseman.
Sitting L-R: Isley & Agnes Sewell.

Back Row L-R: ? , ?, Harry & Gladys Wright, Aunt Lorena Stanfield.
SFront Row L-R: ?, Isley & Agnes Sewell, Aunt Mary Eseman.

Isley and Agnes Sewell. What a Happy Couple!!

Back L-R: Gerald Reid, Christine Pember, Leta & Ruthie Sewell.
Front Row L-R: Lucinda Pember, Isley & Agnes Sewell, Alfred Sewell.

Isley & Agnes Sewell with their Cake.

Ira Stanfield and his Mother Lorena Stanfield.

Agnes Sewell is on sidewalk with her back to camera and Mildred is near porch

Lloyd & Mildred Root, Theodore MacKay, Theodore's daughter and Mickey MacKay and Theodore's son is looking back at him.

What an great and happy day this was for the Sewell family and all their guest.

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