Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spent a Few Minutes With MY MOM!!!

Just called my Mom to see how she is doing!!

 My Sister called me last night while she was waiting for her Grandson to get back from Michigan Adventure. Unfortunately that's on my side of the state about an 1 hour or so South of Me. But she was at his Dad's house waiting for him to get back.

 She wanted to know if I had recovered from my visit with Mom. We both have different approaches to our Mom. And sometimes we both tend to get a little short with her. But we both Love her dearly. I told her how I had told Mom before I ever came that we wouldn't be going places and that she needed to do things like she normally did them. Well needless to say that didn't happen because I wound up taking her to the grocery store and then she decided she needed to see her eye doctor the Friday before I was coming home she made an appointment for Saturday morning.

 I told Cheryl how I stayed out in the car and waited for Mom at the eye doctors and was watching the animals and then it got to be over 2 hours when a lady came out and tapped on the window and told me mom had thought I had run to the store or something and had been waiting for quite a while. I felt bad then that I hadn't went in with her. That's when I realized how Mom's memory is working or not working like it used to.

Mom told me she had a big day at her regular doctor's today. Her cholesterol is up and something else I didn't catch. Might have been her blood pressure. I asked her but she didn't repeat it.

Mom has been working on putting my oldest boy's pictures in an album she bought. He had them in one of the old albums that destroys pictures. It was nice talking to her. It's kind of funny the last few times I've talked to her on the phone she has stayed on very long. It must be because she is busy. Oh well. At least I got to talk to her a little bit and know she is doing OK.

Mom to bad you don't have internet and know how to use it.

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