Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What will I accomplish today???

It looks like it may rain. It's 70F but damp feeling in the house so I have my flannel shirt on.

I need to call my Mom today and see how she is doing!!! Got my phone all charged up but for some reason she hasn't been talking as long. I think maybe because she has her satellite working on her TV now. She had to have the service people come out and hook it up for her because apparently the fellow that had been there and was going to hook up her converter box from the bedroom TV but didn't get it to work hadn't hooked the cable back up to TV or something. She has to keep up on her soaps.

Sad to say I have not worked to much on my genealogy the last few days. I need to finish looking at some of the 1870 US Census records I downloaded a while back. Just got to get myself in gear.

I think I need to look through my posts to see what and whom I have already written about so that I don't repeat what I've already done. I wish I was a more organized person where I did things in an organized manner.

Oh well, at present I am just going to take it one day at a time. I am doing pretty good on not smoking but I sure get antsy. (But I was doing this before I quite smoking so can't blame it on that.) I have a lot of sorting to do in spare room and basement just got to get myself in gear to do it, but have to wait until Walt is awake. 3rd shift work is the pits to try to get anything done. Have to be quiet so Walt can sleep then by the time he gets up I'm out of the notion. Did I tell ya before I hate the basement steps? Well I do. They are getting unsafe. No railing because they were temporary back in 2004. We have carried a lot of heavy stuff up and down those temporary steps over the years.

Maggie Mae is feeling much better. Not liking her diet. Almost has her medicine all gone.
I just accomplished another thing. I wrote on my blog today!!

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