Saturday, October 1, 2011

It has been a while since I blogged....

This is the first time I have blogged in a while. Boy what a shock at how different the page looks.
This may take me a little getting used to.

I just haven't felt like writing anything lately. I have been trying to get used to all the changes at Facebook, still trying to figure Google+ out.

But I do have a lot of work to do on my Legacy Family Tree and I am also trying to add family members, citations and photos on my tree. I am still trying to figure out the proper way to fill in the blanks on the source citations. I'm trying to do them correctly and put the right information into the right spots.

Right now from October 1 - 15 is allowing us access to different collections or whatever you call them. A new one each day will be added. Today was the Social Security Death Index. I did find a couple but haven't really spent to much time at it. The only thing I noticed is it won't link to your family member unless you have a subscription. So I wonder if it won't link to family members for each of the new collections they add each day. Oh well at least I will be able to look up more information with the hopes of finding more records.

I still haven't finished getting all organized and discovered I had forgot where I left off on my images getting them linked back up. I guess I need to write everything down so I can remember where I leave off and what I still need to do.

Well that's all for now!! My brain is getting tired!!


  1. Whew! Lots of computer work in your life! I haven't even looked at Google+! Good luck with it all and have fun!
    Cindy (Genealogy Circle)

  2. Sharon, I was having a hard time keeping track of all my genealogy so I actually set up ANOTHER blog (like I needed one more thing to keep track of). I named it my Genea-Diary and it's a private blog where I make notes to keep track of what I'm working on, where I left off, what I need to do next etc. Just an idea.

  3. Sharon, glad to see you here. I too haven't posted as much on my blog as I would like to and I post when I can. There is so much to keep up with! I am having a hard time keeping track of things and keeping up with what's going on out there . . . I just don't seem to have the time to get to all of it. I have dabbled in Google + a bit but not enough to figure it out. Slowly but surely we make our way thru all this new technology, don't we!?!

    I have been focusing more on my own research now that the kids have gone back to school. I just received my FTM 2012 upgrade . . . and I downloaded Legacy 7 . . . so I haven't been on the computer much (socially). I like Becky's idea of her Genea-Dairy . . . may give that a try . . . you're not alone!

  4. Was just wondering if you ever ran into any dead ends on your search's? I know there have been several epidemics in the past that broke families up or flat out ended their line's. You run into that with your own family?


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