Sunday, September 4, 2011

Looking for Silena Sewell in 1900 US Census

I have been trying to find Silena Sewell in the 1900 US Census records for the last few days. She has born 30 Oct 1882 in Center Plains, Crawford, Michigan. She was married 5 Oct 1904 in Frederic, Crawford, Michigan to Charles S. MacKay (or McKay). I have looked for S. Sewell and Lena Sewell also because she was also called by that name. I have had no luck so far.

Oh well my search will continue off and on. Maybe I will stumble upon her yet.

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  1. Hi, Sharon.

    I think I found Silena. Look for the name Selena Seweh in the 1900 census for Grayling, Crawford, Michigan.

    She was working as a servant in the household of George Langevin.

    Thanks for visiting my new blog.


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