Sunday, October 9, 2011

I have been very busy Thanks

Oops didn't mean to hit the darn return key and publish.

Since Oct 1, 2011 has been adding new collections to access. one each day for 15 days.
The first collection was on Social Security Death Index. I was able to locate a few of my family member's social security information. But the one that has really helped me out was the 1920 US Census.

I have attached and added to My Family Tree on and on my Legacy Family Tree, many of my Sewell, a few Pember, a few Clampitt, a few Sauer 1920 US Census Records. I discovered where William Sauer's children were in 1920 and was able to add approximate birth years for them. I downloaded the images for the 1920 Census Records that I have found. (I don't know if everyone has this problem downloading images from or not but for me to be able to view the record enlarged in my downloaded image, I have to make it at least 150% so that it doesn't distort to bad when I enlarge it to look at it closer.)

I was so busy adding and looking up records I forgot it was Friday night and missed Geneabloggers BlogTalkRadio Program. Hadn't even looked at my emails. So missed the reminders.

I have learned from past experience that if I don't download the image and I put it in my shoebox, I can't view or do anything with it when they no longer have access available. I did the same thing on when they had free access to 1930 US Census records and some other records. I added them to my tree there and then couldn't access them. I can't afford to purchase subscriptions because we are on a very limited budget.

I had a couple genealogy friends that emailed me some records they found. Thanks Marcia & Deb.

I am still learning how to make proper citations. I get so confused sometimes. I have been trying to use the Sourcewriter on Legacy Family Tree to make my source citations on my family tree there, have a lot of fixing to do. I know I have a lot of adding sources to my data I have on My Family Tree on but I am trying to get as much of the free access information I have found so far attached to family while I can. I am still learning how to use the program and have to go back and fix things and I still have some fixing to do. So forgive me if you happen to look at My Family Tree and you don't see any source citations. I haven't added any source citations to my WikiTree or tree or WeRelate tree. Someday maybe I will get them all done. But I am still learning how to use these programs and I tend to get confused easy.

It's a beautiful day and I am going to enjoy it and do some more research over on Have a spectacular day everyone!!! Hope you all may find some information on your family today!!!!!


  1. Sharon, what a great post! Congrats!!

  2. Hello Sharon...just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting CollectInTexas Gal and becoming a Follower. I read with interest your experiences on as I have created my Family Tree there. So far everything is ONLINE, and I am trying to decided to buy Family Tree Maker 2012. I'm hoping the transition from online to PC will not be a mind blowing experience. I too have found the 1920 and 1930 Census records to be very helpful.

    Very happy to meet you and I'll see you again soon.
    Sue...CollectInTexas Gal/Tracks of My Texas Ancestors


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