Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Wedding November 27, 1982

When we decided to finally get married, we chose the Saturday after Thanksgiving for a few reasons. Everybody usually at that time came up for Thanksgiving and hunting season and we would also celebrate Christmas with all the family that was up then also.

I choose Ruthann Vanholder (she was then) to stand up with me and Walt chose his friend, that he had known and done almost everything with, Gary Hicks to stand up with him. My Grandpa Pember had to tie Gary's tie because he was so nervous or maybe it was the MadDog or whatever Gary was drinking. (You would have thought it was Gary getting hitched.)

Walt rode with Gary and Stan Gardner, I rode with my Mom, Grandpa, and Jesse and David to the Church, which was in the basement of the Pastor's house in Hillman. We got there and were waiting for Walt and Gary, who pulled in and then backed out and then finally pulled in.

The Church was full of Walt's family, my Mom, Grandpa, and boys, Stan Gardner, the organist and the Pastor Halverson and his family. We looked more like we were going to a funeral instead of a wedding. 
 Pastor Halverson, Ruthann VanHolder, Sharon Clampitt, Walter Haas, Gary Hicks. November 27, 1982. This is in the Church in Hillman, Michigan. (The Church is in the basement of the Pastor's house).  Our Wedding!!!
Sharon and Walter Haas!!! That wedding kiss!!
Ruthann VanHolder, Sharon and Walter Haas, Gary Hicks. 
My Grandpa (Arnold Pember), my Mom (Christine Evans), Me (Sharon Haas), Walter Haas, David and Jesse Clampitt.   

After the Wedding everyone came out to Walt's Mom and StepDads in Atlanta for Dinner and Party.  

After all the celebrating George, Walt's brother, took me and the boys and 2 or 3 nephews back to our house. Walt wound up staying all night at his folks place, they were playing cards. In the morning George came and picked us up to take us all back to Walt's folks. George asked "Where's Walt!!!" I replied: "Hopefully still at your folks." George replied something like "If it was anyone else that would be grounds for annulment". We just laughed!!!


  1. Perfect! Happy Anniversary again Sharon! The photos add so much to the darling story.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Its always nice to look back!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both! What a joy to read and see your pictures. I especially love the wedding cake amid the pumpkin pies.


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